Adams screwing this franchise

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    Locker isn't going to just sit on the bench for three years and then happily re-sign with the Titans.

    I think there's a very good chance that a Manning signing means the (eventual) end of Locker in Tennessee. If the Titans truly believe that Locker is a franchise QB, then it makes the decision a crucial one.

    Locker is ready to start in the NFL now and he surely knows that. He might be willing to sit quietly on the bench for a year, but he will eventually want out. And he would be justified. A highly-drafted quarterback's second contract is where he makes his money. Locker will want to be starting for a team before his 4-year deal expires. Frankly, a #8 overall pick needs to be starting within a year or two.

    I am just not convinced that a few years of potentially contending with Manning is worth losing an entire career of a player as promising as Locker.
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  2. Deuce Wayne

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    If Jake Locker has such an ego to where he wont sit behind Peyton Manning he can go F himself and bounce.

    Sorry. Arron Rodgers sat behind Favre and it paid off. He wasn't a baby about sitting behind a legend because he understood football.

    And what makes you say Locker is ready to start in the NFL? His amazing 51% completion percentage? His inability to stay in the pocket? His luck to have a Falcons team drop 3 easy interceptions in a single quarter?

    Sorry. He showed flashes, but as of now he has a long way to go.

    And Manning is 1 hit away from biting the dust anyway, more than likely.
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    It is fair to criticize/judge Bud. His comments to the press have potentially driven a wedge in the relationship with Hasselbeck and altered the long term buidling plan of the franchise.

    The franchise is now been unnecessarily put in a bad position because of Adams public grandstanding. The interest in Manning is purely financial for Bud- so it IS a good decision to acquire Manning to stimulate waning interest in ticket sales. But by going "all in" for Peyton, we have essentially "excused" ourselves from the Mario Williams race- which incidentally was our BIGGEST team need.

    Now if Peyton decides to go to another franchise, which I believe he will, we are left with a need at DE with Williams somewhere else, a disrespected veteran QB and a whole lot of unspent cap space. And the sad thing is that the attempt to get Manning could still have happened without jeopardizing the other two factors mentioned if Bud just hadn't run his mouth to Wyatt but rather directed his FO to covertly explore the possibility. Bozo move all around.
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Disrespected QB?


    Matt Hasselbeck knows he's not Peyton Manning- so give that lame sh a rest already. If he's the damned delicate he needs to join his wife on The View and not ever suit up on a football field again.

    DE? Who cares? We're drafting DE in round 1. And odds are? Whatever player we take will probably be better than Super Mediocre Mario Williams.

    Mario Williams... good grief. Why the want for a guy that's basically a bust?
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    From Rotoworld:

    Appearing on SportsCenter Tuesday, ESPN's Adam Schefter said Titans owner Bud Adams is "willing to give (free agent Peyton Manning) a blank check to come to Tennessee."
    Whatever reservations the Titans' football people had about pursuing Manning, their 90-year-old owner is ignoring them. Tennessee would offer Manning an up-and-coming roster and chance to face his former team twice a season, but the lack of an organizational-wide desire to pursue Manning and the presence of 2011 No. 8 pick Jake Locker represent major stumbling blocks.
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    The Big Gamble!

    Free Agency starts today. There are several talented guys out there that can fill big holes on our team, especially on the OL, DL, & Safety. However, our owner is once again screwing everything up. He forced us into drafted a retarded VY and now he could damage our overall team by all this PM talk. Don’t get me wrong; I would love to see Peyton in 2 tone blue. But the cost will be tremendous. One only has to look at the Colts to see what happens when you put everything into one player. We will not be able to play the FA market if we tie up all our eggs in one basket. As great as he is, he is still a player at the end of his career and with injury questions. If we can get him with mortgaging the farm, go for it. But in the meantime we will have to pass on a talented pool of FA because we do not know how much cap space we have to work with. We all know Locker is the future but have a talented veteran to help along his development is a huge key. That’s why we brought in MH. Sure PM was the best, but is he still physically the best? One only has to look at the saga of Brett Farve to begin to have doubts. Do we postpone rebuilding a consistent winner in order to gamble for a season or two? If we do, we will be further behind rebuilding a consistent winner than we are now. What do we do? Bud needs to let the people he hired to run his team do their jobs and shut up!
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    We need to forget about Manning and worry about other needs, Jake Locker has shown he has the potential to be great. Manning had 4 neck surgeries and is still waiting for it to fuse right. Manning has yet to throw for any of the teams he has visited, if that's not a red flag I don't know what is. We make the investment on Manning sure he might be healthy, maybe will even win a Superbowl. If healthy he'll play for a good 3-4 do you really think Locker will stick around than we will be back at square one.
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    There are literally 5 other threads discussing this. Doesn't need to be a new thread.
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    Bud needs to shut up! He forced us into the VY draft again the will of his staff and he is trying to do it again. Sure the staff would love a healthy Peyton Manning. Who wouldn’t? But we have huge holes to fill and there is some talent out there we should be going after out there today. Yet is forcing our FO to ignore them until we see how much $ is left over after signing a player who may not even be able to play anymore. If he was able to fully play, the Colts would not have let him go. Red flag anyone?