According to the “Experts”, Titans Draft Grade "D+"

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by, Apr 28, 2008.

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    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    I don't pay too much attention to the so called "experts" mainly because they are always wrong!!!

    I haven't had time to read all the posts, but has anyone pointed out that Chris Johnson can line up as a wide reciever, has blazing speed and great hands? ....I like the pick as a threat in the run and passing game.
  2. vslyke

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  3. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    these experts said that ryan leaf and tim couch would be great quarterbacks. I'm taking it with a grain of salt.
  4. Titan_4Good.

    Titan_4Good. Guest

    Relax guys let the trainning camps be the judge of the new talent!! I hope we strike luck with at least 2 of the bunch you never know, the way the Jags are gearing upa is scary:helmet: !!! We need to stay competitive but, i realize that our owner Bud Adams, is to tight to go out and get the weapons we really needed to begin with. So lets hope we can strike a gold mine with some of this new guys. GO TITANS :yes: .
  5. Deuce Wayne

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    Always love this one. Because even if they're wrong on 2 out of 10 big names every year, people can bring it up to justify their team's reaches or bad picks.
    I say, well, the experts didnt think Filani, Paul Williams, or Chris Henry would be great...
  6. MJTitans

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    I don't mind the "experts" as long as they have good reasons for their criticism... Chris Henry had legitimate question marks - raw skill, unproven. This year I see the same 2 things over and over again:

    1) Titans needed to draft a WR earlier, and
    2) Titans sunk another high pick into a RB

    I'm not sure those are valid criticisms of a draft class. This was a deep WR draft class, but not necessarily a great one - every GM in the league thought so apparently. Heimerdinger's opinion weighed into MRs decisions, and he feels like he's got a good group of receivers, despite the struggles of the past 2 years. I have trouble arguing a guy like him who has been around the league and has seen our WRs up close. Not that we couldn't have picked up a WR earlier, but to bash our whole draft class for it is silly, IMO.

    And I never understand the philosophy that you should never draft high at a position just because you did before. Titans lost Eddie George, and have been struggling to replace him with 1 guy. We're a run-based team... why wouldn't we want at least 2 high picks at RB? And if Chris Henry isn't working out - why the heck should we not draft high and replace him? What are the options? Stick with player we don't trust just to not look like idiots on draft day?

    All I care about is this - did the draft improve the team? Not who could we have drafted when. Not how does drafting player A make player B look. I see 2-3 contributors this year and maybe another 1 or 2 in the future. We had lots of needs - offensive playmaker and defensive line were the top needs. We've got aging LBs, a TE who may be back to pro-bowl form or may be slowed by his injury. Did we address each of those needs? For the most part, we did. I don't mind hearing arguments to the contrary, but I'm still waiting on an expert to articulate one. I've heard better criticisms from people on this board, but we all know none of us has a clue what we're talking about. :)
  7. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    Who knows? Maybe next year, all of our draft picks will turn out to be amazing. Maybe our current recievers will step up and be able to contribute. Maybe MR will retire....wait.
  8. fitantitans

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    I would have to give the Titans a D+. Most of the time, the draft is reaching, searching for good NFL talent that has never played int he NFL. It's hard to find good talent. But I think the Titans reached a little further than most of the other teams. As I said earlier, we're looking for NFL talent in a pool of players that have never played on that level. The Titans keep looking at smaller schools, looking for that needle in a haystack. Why look to Winston-Salem, Washburn and East Carolina? What's wrong with Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, UCLA, LSU..... the schools that have the High School pick of the liter?

    In Tuesdays Tennessean, Clifton Brown of the Sporting News said he'd give the Titans a D-. He followed by saying, "No excuses for failing to get Vince Young a top rated receiver". Which top rated receiver are you talking about? I didn't see any receivers in the draft worthy of starting as our #1 WR. Maybe he was saying that we failed in <u>FA</u> to find Vince a top rated WR.
  9. Soxcat

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    The only "reach" would be Hayes and that is only because nobody ever heard of the guy. Every other pick was pretty solid. Hawkins was great value in the 4th and if the Titans had taken him in the 2nd these bozos would automatically be giving us a better grade just because we toook the guy earlier.
  10. Gunny

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    That's what I have noticed with all the post-draft analysis. Nearly all of them say we took a Wide Receiver too late and it does sound like we'd get a higher grade no matter which WR we took as long as it was early.
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