According to Steve Young we just need to pack it in with the other "wannabe's"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan1207, Mar 17, 2012.

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    LOL, you got any more?
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    Only people from Tennessee over hype the fact that he went to Tennessee. I hate to break it to you but there are much nicer places to live in the USA other than Tennessee. People don't come to Tennessee to retire. I personally wouldn't want to work in the town I went to college in if I could go make the same kind of money elsewhere... espicially Cali.

    I think it makes perfect sense to go the 49ers. Why?

    Better receivers than Tennessee (Atleast on paper)

    A Consistent Running Game - Which CJ will show up each week? CJ2K or CJ2YPC?

    Pro-bowl Tight End - Vernon Davis or Jared Cook/Craig Stevens?

    Best special teams in the NFL - Bironas is good, but the 9ers are better overall on special teams. Ginn > Marc Macaroni

    Better at Coaching - Harbaugh went 13-3 with a 1st round bust. Munchak got very lucky to go 9-7 with a former superbowl quarterback.

    Weather - Decembers in Tennessee are hit and miss. It could be 60 or it could be 0. Decembers in California are around 57 degrees on average with the low around 47 degrees.

    Crazy high expectations in Tennessee - While he's expected to do good in where ever he goes, what if he isn't the same guy? This whole... treating Peyton Manning as if he's the football messiah of the state would be tarnished by him showing up and doing what he does best... Sucking it up... Why mess up a good reputation if you don't have to?
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    It keeps going
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    Oh.. and people talk about his wifes family living in Memphis. I have friends in Indy who say their marriage was on the rocks. Whether or not that's true, is irrelevant.

    A direct flight from Cali to Memphis is 3-3 1/2 hours max. A drive from Nashville to Knoxville or Nashville to Memphis is 2-3 hours. I could be wrong, but it doesn't make much sense to charter a plane to fly from Nash to Knox or Nash to Memphis. A helicopter.. maybe... but a small jet? I dont know. Seems like Ashley Manning would just assume to drive.

    Regardless, I think its ridiculous and quite delusional to keep bringing his wife into the equation. LeBron didn't stay in Cleveland because his family was nearby... He went to the team that gave him the best situation to win a title. That's what manning will do.

    Playing the Colts every year ruins his reputation with their fans/friends from the area.

    Theres no guarantee that Manning + Titans can beat the Houston Cows. Hell, manning was having issues beating them the last year he was in the league. So that immediately puts the division title in question. Then you have to fight about 4 other contenders for the wildcard each year.. then play road playoff games... in which manning has utterly sucked in....

    It would make more sense for him to go to San Fran but no one around here will stop drinking the orange kool aid to realize it.

    Conclusion: We have a buncha sell outs in our fan base
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    Yes we are all a bunch of sell outs because we want an elite quarterback on our team and he gives us the best chance to win.
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    lol.....lebron aint peyton....peyton aint lebron... and how is it a sell out to want pm? not that i do...i honestly wish hed sign in denver...and laugh at my bro while they trade teblow...for a 7th round draft pick...maybe 2 of em....but wanting what you percieve to be a upgrade does not make you a sell out...are all the people who wanted mario a sell out...if mjd was on the market and some people wanted him would they be sell outs?
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    " Free agent Alex Smith will visit the Dolphins on Sunday.

    49ers are either very sure they are getting Peyton or very sure Titans will get Peyton and cut Hasselbeck so they can get him.

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    Maybe we can trade Hasselbeck. I think a trade is appealing because it gets you a good QB at a decent rate. Hasselbeck could demand more than his $7M contract, so trading for him locks him in at ~$7M instead of him maybe holding a team up and making off like a bandit. Niners would trade with us, they know Hass could do Alex Smiths job and some.
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    Wow you pick and choose facts don't you?

    1. Professionals know more about the game than to just read the "paper". Especially the type of professional Manning is.

    2. Consistent? Gore? You mean the guy who is consistently injured every season?

    3. Ties in with one, yes Vernon Davis is a great tightend, but we all know Cook could very well be next in line. What do you think Munch pitched to the guy?

    4. Ted Ginn? The guy who just visited the Ravens and will not be back next year? Okay, well they still have that guy who fumbled in the playoffs and cost them the game.

    5. Nice opinion, aren't you the fact guy? I think the entire NFL knows Munch is going to be a great coach.

    6. Bay Area gets cold dude, real cold. Not much on Tennessee, but still.

    I called you out for not having your facts straight in the last thread, seems to be a common trait of yours.
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    Erick have you even been to the Bay area before?!? It's not southern california were talking about here. Do me a favor, go watch a Giants game in May and tell me if the weather looks appealing.