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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Alex1939, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Not a bad list at all. But being that I personally hate Rivers, I'd never want him. He has cooties. Just curious, is that order how you'd go? Or are they just the names in a hat.
  2. emong

    emong Rookie

    That was random. In order of preference:
    Phillip Rivers
    Aaron Rodgers
    Matt Ryan
    Joe Flacco
    Sam Bradford
    Kevin Kolb
    Colt McCoy
    Mark Sanchez
  3. PorcupineTree

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    Very good point, however, other than possibly Cutler most haven't had to deal with a coach constantly playing head games with them and wondering if they had their coaches support as "the guy", and the one guy that did (Cutler) ultimately gave a big middle finger salute to his new coach because he shopped him around on the QT and made it pretty apparent he didn't particularly want him to be the QB in Denver...

    How'd that work out for the Broncos & Bears so far ?

    The only other guy on there who has recently seemed to "lose" the support of his coach is Henne (and yes he seemed to handle it appropriately, but remember, Vince has been on the merry-go-round with Fisher several times now, not just once...), so not really an apples to apples comparison if you ask me as all those other "starters" have remained starters regardless of their performances... If you look at that list several have had really horrible days (Flacco, Cutler, Orton, Cassel, Fitzpatrick, and Moore & Henne) where they threw multiple picks and had fumble issues and couldn't get a win for their teams, and yet none of them were yanked during a game like Vince was, and only Henne (maybe Moore although I think his was injury based) was demoted.

    Yeah Vince has been incredibly immature, but I still maintain Fisher has had a hell of a lot to do with creating this nightmare for himself !!!!
  4. Yossarian

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    U Crazy? I'd love to have someone like Rodgers or Ryan.

  5. GoT

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    hes a diva too
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