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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by tennygrl619, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Vince has proven plenty of people wrong at several levels regarding his natural talent and ability. I think most people now are questioning/uneasy about his consistency and leadership. The only thing that will solve that is a playoff win, with good QB play in a playoff game. I certainly hope he can answer those questions this year. Stringing us along for this long, with so many setbacks, has been frustrating.
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    Coconut shrimps.....jalapeno shrimps.....shrimps tails......barbecue shrimps.....
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    And in 2009 (you know the most RECENT and therefore RELEVANT season) when Vince Young started the Titans ranked:

    5th in points scored with 27 points per game.
    7th in total offense with 375.8 yards per game.
    2nd in plays over 25 yards or longer (16 of which were in the air)
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    I won't censure or critique any other fan's opinion, but I would like to go way back to the top of the thread and comment about Ross Tucker's CNNSI article that tennygrl93 referenced.

    Tucker says... More important to me, however, is that Young does not appear to be mature enough emotionally to handle being a long-time starting quarterback in the NFL... It's called being a professional. Clearly, Young isn't one and may never be one.

    Okay. He's entitled to his opinion and I can understand why a person might say that.

    I just have a hard time hearing somebody like Ross Tucker say it.

    Want to know why?

    Because Tucker wrote articles for CNNSI about post-assualt-charge articles on Ben Roethlisberger on April 5, 2009 and March 31, 2010 and never once did Tucker offer the opinion that Roethlisberger wasn't mature or professional.

    In one article he states that Roethlisberger appears comfortable on the field in spite of the allegations and in the other article he says that the Steelers will have to make a decision because if Roethlisberger gets suspended the Steelers could miss the playoffs?


    Why the double standard?

    In fact, I daresay that the kind of abuse Roethlisberger has been accused of poses a greater threat to society and should therefore be considered more egregious than anything Vince Young has been accused of doing.

    But to Ross Tucker the bigger issue seems to be the damn shame that the Steelers are going to be inconvenienced because Roethlisberger got caught, yet he contends that Vince Young doesn't deserve to be a starting quarterback because he missed a plane, went missing for a couple of hours and got in a scuffle at a bar.

    My God. Call the National Guard. What a menace to society.

    I think Ross Tucker must either be a racist, a very disingenuous individual, or a just a completely clueless idiot. Consequently, his opinion means about as much to me as the toilet paper I wipe my on.
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    Vince had made some mistakes we all know that. We all have made mistakes, while his mistakes could and have hurt are team he has been in no trouble as far as the league is concerned so this is his first time. The league should not and probably will not suspend him for this. I truly do believe he is headed in the right direction. and he has improved every season except 2008. I did not think he would recover from that but he did. I personally am very excited for are teams future. we have the most dynamic runner in the game and vince seems to get us 4-5 first downs a game with his legs.

    QB Rating comp % Td / int sacks taken
    2006 66.7 51.5% 12 /13 25

    2007 71.1 62.3% 9 / 17 25

    2009 82.8 64.6 10 / 7 9

    i think his stats show growth and progression just my opinion and i as i LOVE the titans hope there is no suspension and he keeps doing what he does best WIN!
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    First off, you are from Austin and have hooky in your user name. This probably means you became a fan of the Titans when Young was drafted and feel a lifetime connection to Vince. Automatically your opinion is skewed.
    I'll help you understand how Tucker feels.
    See, a Vince Young fan blows off the fact that he missed the team plane and was so upset about the plane leaving ON TIME without him that he told the head coach "NO" to getting on the next flight the Titans set up for him to make it to Philly. It took several teammates to talk Young into it. An NFL player, or ex player Tucker) in this case knows it's a BLATANT disregard and disrespect of professionalism. In the NFL, it's not tolerated. Quickly, name someone else that's happened to. Not staying in the team hotel is in the same realm of problems.
    Now, Big Ben has guided the Steelers to 2 Superbowls and pretty obviously has overachieved on the field. Until this recent suspension he had done NOTHING that would upset or hurt his teammates. Missing games does cross the line. The difference is Vince Young, in the mind of ex players, coaches and those that aren't Longhorn fans realize is Young missed 15 games in 2008 because of his Prima Donna attitude. The same one that challenged a guy in a strip club. Add to that he has NONE of the stats or playoff wins that Big Ben has and Roethlisburger has had ZERO team related mishaps and you can understand Tucker's stance.
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    As soon as i read your unnecessary opening i just stopped right there. Let me know when you climb off your pedastool and quit looking down on others.
  8. dbc5631

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    Your sig is the following.
    "I can't wait until 2010. No. 10 is my number, so that's a good sign."
    Of course you stopped reading it. Also, we have ZERO playoff wins since 2006 so how's #10 a good sign?
    What is a pedastool?

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    1.) Did we not win that game?? I'll help you, we did win with Vince playing QB.

    2.) Young didn't miss a single game in 2008. He was benched in the first game with an injury, and after that Collins was able to hang on during that ten game win streak. It's hard to get back in there when your backup teammate gets some 10-0 credit with a terrific team all around allowing you the QB to sit back and relax. Collins is trash when he's the centerpiece. Remember that 0-6 start? But a terrible 2009 team with Vince being the guy won 8 out of 10 games. Vince has waay more to offer than most QB's. the problem with him is that his mistakes are made public, and they're ticky-tack problems that are hardly news worthy. But when you're on top, the fall is sometimes worth following. Stop hating.
  10. dbc5631

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    It doesn't matter if we won the game or not. YOU DON"T TELL ANY HEAD COACH "NO" to getting on the next plane because you missed the team plane at your own fault! Who does that?!!!!

    And you keep believing it was an injury that led to Collins playing. It was the first and only time a Fisher teams' QB lost his job to "Injury."
    Since when does being on top consist of more INTs than TDs and zero playoff wins?
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