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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by tennygrl619, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. nate42104

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    In 2007 (Vince's only full season), 21 football teams scored more points than we did. A few of the worst teams in recent history actually scored more points than we did during that season. In fact, THE worst; the 0-16 team averaged just a hair more PPG than we did in 2007.

    It's ironic that during that season, a complete bum came in and scored by far the most points we had that entire season, likely keeping that 2007 team as one of the few, if not THE only team to ever have a winning record with less than 300 points for the season.

    And, as someone else noted before, the only full season Vince did not play, we had a complete bum take this team to a best record in the NFL.

    Granted, the complete bum is not consistent at all, but neither is Vince. The only time Vince has performed has been when he has come in at mid-season with a nothing to lose mentality. Any game with meaning, and he has underperformed in the NFL, unlike in college.

    The moral of the story: We have 2 complete bums at QB on this team and this terd sandwich vs giant douche thing isn't really the debate. It's obvious to most that neither is the answer (assuming winning a Super Bowl is the goal). And, some still want to take their pick between the 2 bums
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    Post #17 in the thread. If you would read the thread you would know this.
  3. dbc5631

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    You must be a carpenter because you've hit the nail on the head! This franchise needs to draft a true QB and move forward!!!
  4. Alex1939

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    Hater's gotta hate.
  5. Ewker

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    and lovers keep loving him :moon2:
  6. wplatham

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    2007 - Starting Running Back - LenDale White
    2008 - Starting Running Back - Chris Johnson

    But yeah, quarterback was the only difference between those teams. :suspect:
  7. CRUDS

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    Vince has earned the starting job back but he certainly hasn't earned a blind pass from scrutiny - especially when it's clear he continues to make stupid choices. So yeah when it comes to this season, we'll see..
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    Same thing last season...

    Same thing when he was drafted...

    It's cool though. No one is above scrutiny. And its clear a lot of people are NEVER going to be fans regardless of results. But I'll take what I've seen so far. Vince is a winner.
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    I guess you didn't comprehend what I was saying. We agree. Fisher obviously lucked out and things worked out in such a way he luckily looked like a genius.

    On the other hand the team did do real well. So we should give Fisher some credit as well even if he "lucked" out. Of course we had AH who had a monster year, our secondary played much better and CJ came on the scene. Fisher then proceeded to hire a clueless DC, lost AH and Collins with the reat of the team played like fresh manure.

    The thing with Fisher is he has responded when his back was up against the wall of being fired. He does just enough to stay around.
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    You quoted Jeff Fisher, that's it. You didn't even type anything of your own.
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