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Titans @ Houston

  1. I'll take Texas with an upset

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  2. I like Titans -6.5

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  3. It'll be close, I'll take Titans -1.5

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  1. fitantitans

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    Just read in todays Tennessean, Dec 7, that the Titans are 1.5 UNDERDOGS to the Texans. (I think someone mentioned that in one of the above responses). I have never seen a game jump around so much prior to a game. Before the Colts game, Vegas gave us 12 pts, but after we beat the Giants, they lowered the odds to just 3 pts and we ended up winning the game. I've seen these odds from -6 to +1.5....I'm confused.
    This time we're going up against a team that really does look worse off than we do, and we just beat 3 so-called, play off teams. What are they thinking?
    Guido & Vinnie did predict the 5-5 Cowboys over the 10-0 Colts. Maybe they see things differently.
  2. titanfan53

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    i think the Titans will win this one 28-0...vince is going home to houston, so home field advantage will be a no factor for houston...i imagine the noise will be reversed....quiet for the titans offense and louder when we are on defense...the team will win this one not only for themselves but i anticipate they up it abit more for vince....i am from corpus christi and will be attending this game along with my wife and son..got really good seats on the titans side and will post pics early next week...bought a $400 camera for this game alone so pics better be worth it.
  3. mdfan

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