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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by jivetalkinfool, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. GLinks

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    I will say this about ML from what I heard about his nighttime chalkboard session - it sounds like he has a coaches brain when it comes to Xs and Os. He'll probably have Manning's respect. Bet he tries to hit on him.

    "You should come over. Oh, and...bring your chalk."
  2. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear


    I question whether his legs hold up for very long. I also wonder if he thinks he can get by on 80-90% effort given his brain for the game.

    I like Young's dedication and good attitude a bit better. I'll rank them pretty evenly on leadership qualities. I do think Young can carry the team on his back like Steve did for a while, and I don't think Leinart can do that. In the end, I hope that is what distinguishes them for us.

    Forget this next year crap with Leinart. The franchise QB game is a marathon, not a foot race.
  3. u are correct, i think that young works a lot harder than leinart and shows much better leadership qualities
  4. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    Also...he doesn't make excuses and point the finger when he loses...
  5. Puck

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    name the starting RB and WR on Carson's Trojan team


    I can't do it

    the answer is no
    Matt Leinart isn't even in the same ballpark as Carson - direct rom Chow himself. he may do a few things well, but he had loads more help. he will need to be on a talented team to excell at the NFL level - imo
  6. Soxcat

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    Mike Williams and Keary Colbert were the WRs the year he won the Heisman.
    McCullough and Fargus were the leading RBs.

    I would say Palmer's WRs were the best pair in the country.
  7. speaking of palmer how is he doing now, is he still injured?
  8. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    Given, he didn't have a RB like Leinart's, though he did have the WR's to help his numbers.
  9. maximus

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    Torn ACL(maybe MCL too) and he wont be ready to play until at least September
  10. wow that really sucks, his legs are going to be so weak when he comes back unless hes on cruches the unhurt one will be beastly and the other one will be small as hell haha that would be funny to see
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