A lot of average football going on now.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Big TT, Oct 16, 2012.

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    While we titans fans have been busy watching this team struggle we or at least I didn't realize just how average the NFL especially the AFC has been this year. Only two, count them two winning teams in the AFC. seven more with .500 records and seven more with two or less wins. Heck, even we are not out of playoff contention and the toughest part of the schedule is over, truthfully how many wins did we think the titans would have at this point anyways? Two seems about right, we just haven't liked how badly we have been destroyed in the loses. In the NFC is about the opposite, seven winning teams and only five teams with losing records. Shaping up to be an interesting year, somebody will get hot and string together 5 or 6 wins, hope its the titans.
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    With the Ravens going through their injury issues like this, I doubt they finish as strong as we expect. It is not out of this world to look at a playoff run.
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    Ravens are screwed, to bad we don't play them this season. :whoop:
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    Lets beat Buffalo before we start thinking post season. But yes the AFC is bad and the Giants have proven all you have to do is get in.
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    This is a great thread with a great point. Watching how we played into that 1-4 record was quite depressing. But the wildcard spots are achievable IF our offense and defense can continue to improve. Let's not forget that our special teams have been the reason IMO that we won our 2 games.

    It won't matter the quality of the teams we play if we can't improve on both sides of the ball. Our wins were by 3 pts and were "squeakers" at best. But yes- playoff talk isn't completely ridiculous.
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    The Steelers win would be big for the head to head tie breaker. We need the Ravens to run away with the North and Steelers to be 2nd. We need the Pats to win the east and us sweep the other east teams.

    Lots of football to still be played.

    One win at a time is what we need.
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    I personally think this game is huge, I know there’s a lot of football left but winning at Buffalo will give us momentum for the next two home games and an average dolphin team. We weathered the storm the best we could (2-4), it’s time to show up and play.
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    Too bad we're in a 1-3 hole in the AFC.

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    Every year a few teams slip up giving us the perfect opportunity to slid in and take advantage of their bad records, and every year we blow it.

    The only thing the Titans should be concerned about is them, not anyone else.

    As fans we talk about everything, but I don't see these early standings equaling hope for us, we're sitting here every year saying the same thing about other teams.

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    But as a die hard fan I know how hard it is to lose hope, you believe your team can turn it around, and maybe we can, but I'm not going to pretend like other teams shortcomings means anything til we actually take advantage of it for once.

    If we win this weekend, and a few .500 teams let games get away, then I might start smiling at the standings.