A look back at Jake Lockers TD's

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I loved watching those plays. Jake has a ton of potential. I just think the schedule is SO brutal at the beginning I'd rather let Hass take those lumps than Locker. It would be a disaster to start Jake week 1, then him play awfully for 4 or 5 weeks then have to go back to Hasselbeck. But if you start Hass for 4 weeks and he doesn't perform, Jake can come in after the roughest 1/4 of the schedule is over and possibly turn the season around.
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    Step out of fantasy land my friend. The decision to start a QB from game one is going basically be a decision to go with that guy for the season. If Hass gets the start, plays well and doesn't get injured the coaches aren't going to plug Locker in there at some magical point he is now ready.

    The Bledsoe/ Brady makes my point. If Bledsoe doesn't get hurt that year Brady doesn't play unless it is in some mop up duty or something.

    Obviously if Hass sucks or gets hurt Locker will play. I'm not talking about that. Munch is not going into the season with Hass starting with the thought that half way Locker will be ready. That is non-sense. The team is going to play Hass if he is the starter until he is injured, sucks so bad they have no choice but to replace him or the Titans are knocked out of playoff contention. The coaching staff is going into this to make the playoffs. Not to play games with the QB position. So this isn't about the probability of Hass getting through the whole season which is a different subject. It is abut the coaching staff going with the guy they think can get us into the playoffs.

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    Yea you're probably right. If Hass is healthy he'll play (assuming he's the starter day-1).

    But there's like a 76.21% chance he does get knocked out of a game somewhere near the half way point.
  4. Two Kings

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    Ahh I see what you're saying here. Well yea I'm not sure anyone was implying that Hass would just get yanked out mid season if he was doing well and not hurt. Obviously they would stick with hass. But like JC just said, the potential for him to get injured is so high that Locker is almost surely going to start a couple games this season.
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    So you'd rather take a for sure loss with Hass than have a chance with Locker? Locker is a tough guy, he's not going to have a meltdown if he loses a game or two. This whole notion of how starting Jake week one will be a disaster is just as crazy as thinking that Hass will dominate this brutal schedule. What makes you think that Jake will play awfully for 4 or 5 weeks? What has he shown you that would make you think that? Also the notion that if Locker doesn't play well that we'd go back to Hass is a complete myth (conjured up by Jim Wyatt). There is no way that we would go back to Hass barring an injury to Locker. When we start Locker, if he doesn't get hurt, you will never see Hasselbeck take another snap as our starting QB. That's why they didn't start Locker at the end of last season. They wanted the option open to start Hass this year if Locker showed that he isn't ready. It just doesn't happen, especially with top 10 drafted QBs. You have to give Locker every chance to succeed. Pulling him mid season denies him that chance.
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    When someone says Munch will use Hass for 6-7 weeks and then put Locker in what else is there to assume? Obviously if Hass starts and gets hurt there isn't even a decision to make. Hass could get hurt on the first play of the season.

    While I do think they would replace Hass with Locker if he craps out the facts are if Hass is the starter it will take some pretty bad performances before they make a switch. By then the season might be about over so they might as well put Locker in anyway.

    Now I agree the odds of Hass carpping out or getting injured if he starts are pretty high either way. I'd prefer Locker start and Hass be ready to go in if Locker is having a bad game or gets hurt. But name Locker the starter (basically for the next decade) and be done with it.
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    I don't think "lack of a chance to digest" was Vince's problem as much as "being really stupid and a lazy diva" was.

    Let's quit trying to apply the VY experience to Locker... different guys.
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    Let's be honest, if getting on the field too early kills your potential and stunts your growth as a QB, you probably wern't very good to begin with.

    Not that it matters, Locker has mental fortitude in spades; it is probably his best attribute. If you can succeed on the HS school team known as UW, your probably ok in that area.

    I wouldn't worry too much about him, psyche(sp?) wise.
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