A Look at Free Agent Prospects for '07

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    IMO we should be considering bringing Drew back if he is willing to take a reasonable amount and then draft a WR fairly high.

    We have to address the LDE spot and possibly DT in FA IMO. At least at S we have some young guys who could prove themselves if they ever get on the field. Drafting a S this year would work as well.

    I would offer Haynesworth and extension despite his antics because it is obvious he makes a difference when he is in the game.
  2. Smart***Titan

    Smart***Titan Camp Fodder

    I'm a huge U of Florida homer so just out of curiosity, what makes Travis Taylor an above average receiver? He was, I believe, a top ten pick and you could make the argument that Bennett is considerably better than Taylor. Taylor's hands are even more suspect than any of our current batch of receivers, they were in college and they are in the pro's.

    Anyways, I'm not jumping on you, just wondered about that statement. I agree that if we are going to get a quality receiver, it needs to be in the draft. I would focus on improving our defense this year through FA's, with the possible exception of Mr. Reggie Freakin Nelson... who got shafted last night in the awards.
  3. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    I agree.

    And, I'd also pursue Freeney if the Colts have no interest in re-signing him.

    He's still a player.
  4. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    I'm confused.. did i say 'above' average or 'below' average player? :irked:

    I understand that you're a 'huge U of Florida fan' but that does that make it OK to say that TT is a stud and one of the best WRs in the NFL? As a matter of fact, his stats are avg and so is his performance since he came into the NFL. Atleast Drew pulled off a 1000+yd season, and has more receiving yards than TT....but Drew is also considered be above average as well.
  5. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    he didnt say TT was a stud.
  6. TWR#1

    TWR#1 Guest

    he said TT was below avg...and for whoever had the idea o bringing in Tony Parish,please re-think that.Tony wasnt even a starter in SF this year,I think he lost his job by way of Mark Roman.The guy is deffinatley not the answer here in TN.Anyways the way the Titans draft are in "packs".Like the DE year where,LaBoy,Schobel,and Odom were picked.Or the WR year that had ROby,Jones,and Williams.There could also be the secondary drafts over the last 2 years that included Pacman,Rey Hill,Vinny Fuller,Calvin Lowry,and Courtland Finnegan.as well as the LB draft this past off-season.I too am a huge UF fan,and would love Nelson here,but I also want to see Lowry as a starter first,and maybe even Finnegan,but Hill has actually looked pretty good lately.I think that we actually might stay away from those 2 positions in the draft this year,unless its absolutely BPA.More Idealistic picks this year would be WR like Ginn at the 15th pick,or DE like Adams,Woodley,or even Moses.I do think we will end up selecting BPA this year,but only in our area of needs,and the one who we will believe that could have a bigger impact,and a brighter futurue a la POTENTIAL, in our draft terms(VY).
  7. wplatham

    wplatham U of M Class of 2012

    I hate to kill the dream, but....the only way we'll even be close to getting CJ is if we lose our last four. I don't see that happening. Johnson is top ten pick, bar something crazy happening. A 7-9 record will most likely put us out of the top ten, a 8-8 record drops us to around 15th, and 9-7 would put us around 20. I do think we should consider receiver, so we need to start thinking more about late first or second round receivers. I honestly don't know of many receivers after CJ. There's Dwayne Jarrett, Jeff Sam?????, Robert Meacham if he decides to declare. Anyone else know about some of the second-tier receivers in the upcoming draft?

    I really think we need to go D in first round. 32nd is pitiful! The successful Titans' teams of the past always were centered around a tough D. First round should be either DE (Adams, can someone name more?) or FS (Landry, Griffin, Nelson).
  8. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    ooops...i take post #94 back..
    for some reason i misunderstood him the first time i read his post.. i thought he was saying the opposite.

  9. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    It would be a long shot..

    unless he a picks up a habbit of spitting on cheerleaders every once in a while..

    That should drop his stock and give us a better shot..
  10. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Only way we get Calvin Johnson is if we are willing to trade up -- which I think we might consider, given that we contemplated trading up for Bush if McNair was agreeable to a return.

    Barring that, wplatham is right, we should be somewhere between 10 and 20, and until the picture becomes a little clearer, I'm guessing that will take us out of Gaines Adams range, but might leave us somewhere in Quentin Moses territory. I almost give up on DE via draft and look to FA here. Freeney, Kearney, Thomas to name the top guys, and Jared Allen if you're willing to pull the trigger on the requirements to take a RFA away from his team. Actually, for the draft pundits, I'd start looking to round two for the next tier. If they don't land someone via FA, my guess is they'll add someone to the rotation with KVB, LaBoy and Odom.

    Let me just tell you now, and yes it's early still, but I'm going to be on a Reggie Nelson bandwagon probably through the holidays. I'll either come down or stay on it pending the outcome of the Rose Bowl. Our secondary is a good piece or two away from being "The Stuff," and via the draft I would love to get Nelson from Florida and Jonathan Wade from UT, whom I hear virtually no one speaking of yet, but that will change. Let me imagine for a second -- P. Jones, Hill, Hope, Finnegan, Lowery, Fuller, Wade, Nelson, Nickey, Thompson, Clements/Samuels (Waddell, King, Woolfolk). Keeping 11 or so DBs is about right, so subtract who you want. Most would guess Nickey, Thompson, Waddell, King, Woolfolk, but I bet one or two of these guys sticks. Nickey could hang from his ST ability, Thompson (sigh) for being the most veteran safety (but hopefully Fisher will gain some confidence in youth after this season; then again, there is that contract extension we gave him -- maybe some desperate team (49ers?) will make a trade with us around the draft).

    Divergence: got to take a look see here, pardon me.
    CB -- P. Jones, Samuel, Hill, Finnegan, Wade and Woolfolk.
    S -- Hope, Thompson, Fuller, Lowery, Nelson, Nickey.

    Note: Finnegan can definitely play either way, I believe. Subtract one of Thompson, Nickey or Woolfolk. Substitute Clements for Samuel if you like. Once Thompson is out of the way, either on the bench or off the team, this is the makings of an awesome secondary.

    Okay, sorry about the secondary diatribe.

    WR -- this kind of hinges to me on what we do either with Drew Bennett, or what we do in the draft, however it falls. We could keep things the same, but without a crystal ball, how do you know what to do?

    We either keep Drew, which definitely means things stay pretty much the same, barring a surprise -- cutting Givens (unlikely), cutting one of the triplets (also unlikely), or releasing Orr :)yes: ), which to me is pretty possible -- or we let him walk to, say, the Chargers or Raiders, which, as it occurs to me off the top of my head, are going to be in need of WRs either way you look at it. Yes, this could happen. Maybe even for a draft pick.

    If it does, I'm saying the door could open up for Moss, which I don't think is all that crazy, or giving another WR a chance to step his game up, like we did with Givens. To me, that pretty much means Kevin Curtis, though, with Isaac Bruce somewhere in the nine to eleven o'clock hours of his career, he's kind of assured an eventual starting job in St. Louis.

    So, again, looking at life without Drew, you could also roll into the season with Givens and Brandon Jones as the starters, which allows our current WRs to climb the depth chart. Looking at the draft, considering a pick in the 10 to 20 range, you've got a shot at Ted Ginn and Dwayne Jarrett perhaps. I'll say this about Ginn: he's got speed on top of speed, but is still developing as a WR, since he was brought in initially to play corner. And I'll say this about Jarrett: he's about Drew Bennett fast, a strider, and I think in his first two years of playing, he's about 2 TDs away from tying Mike Williams production during the same period.

    Depending on how many WRs you think will actually go in round one, and I think the limit will be this: Johnson, Ginn, Jarrett, Samardjiza, Rice. I think Meachum lasts until round two, but I don't know if he makes it to where we pick. I like him, though. He's been very clutch this year. It will be interesting to see what happens here.
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