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    All across the country training camps are underway, and as preseason kicks off and dwindles down we begin seeing thousands of fantasy drafts take place. But where do you go to get the best fantasy QB analysis? NFL.com, yahoo, or maybe you did your own like I did. After immediate success in the fantasy world I thought I had it all figured out when it comes to fantasy football. Then came last season, lets just say Brady did me dirty and leave it at that. So to help fellow Titans fans I thought I would share a little info I put together.

    Drew Brees is the top QB in terms of fantasy value, no question. Leading the NFL with 5,069 passing yards and tied for the lead with 34 TD’s NFL.com has him number one for obvious reasons. The reason I also have him at No. 1 is because the man has to throw often. It’s the strength of his team so why not… Starter Reggie Bush is not their running back; he’s the WR in the backfield. Leave the running to Pierre Thomas & his nine rushing TD’s. Their defense surely isn’t helping much, so they’re stuck passing. A lot of throwing equals a lot of points, and in this game points rule. Brees led the league last year in 300 – yard passing games with ten. In ten games he had well over 3,000 yards on the season, and 26 TD’s. What this means is Drew Brees in ten games does more than our very own Kerry Collins does all year.

    No 2. goes out to Kurt Warner. NFL.com has Warner as their 3rd QB but because he can put together seven 300 – yard games in 2008 I put him at two. With three serious weapons at WR Warner’s numbers should only go up in 2009. A young running back in Bennie Wells won’t demand the carries EDGE didn’t get, so leave the running to Warner’s receivers. Unlike Brees and his ten big games, Warner’s biggest games came against better defenses and that’s why he’s a close 2nd.

    With the way the list is going one might think Jay Cutler and his 4,526 passing yards puts him at three, but with a Bradyless 2008 and a slow start by Manning I have to give the 3rd spot to none other than Tony Homo no wait I mean Romo LOL. Tony Romo had some impressive games vs. the Eagles (3rd best defense) & the Redskins (4th best defense). Now I know there’s no Owens and some may think that means less production from Romo, but releasing Owens gave Romo his balls back. Plus we know he loves TE – Jason Witten. Looking into the future I say he remains healthy so last years 13 game schedule he played will now be a full 16 that will equal more than 3,448 yards and 26 TD’s.

    So where does that leave the top notch QB’s of the league in Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler, and Tom Brady? I didn’t forget about them they’re still good. But for my list they’re down some. Manning is upset with management tearing apart his amazing coaching bunch in Moore & Mudd which to me makes his 2009 an uphill game of ‘catch the Titans’ leaving him off my top-3 fantasy QB’s. Then there’s the mess of Jay Cutler in Chicago without a weapon to throw to. He’s in Chicago where they know less about QB’s than the Titans know about WR’s. This will be interesting to watch if nothing else. Finally Tom Brady, hard to gauge a guy who missed an entire year, but we know him and Moss will connect for another 20+ TD dance in 2009. With all that being said, any comments?
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    Since this is fantasy, everything depends on your league scoring......the only one I really care about is my big money league. The freebie/standard scoring leagues don't apply here, more like hobbies. I rate the top 10 as:

    1 - Brees
    2 - P. Manning
    3 - Rivers
    4 - Brady
    5 - Rodgers
    6 - Romo
    7 - McNabb
    8 - Hasselbeck
    9 - Ryan
    10 - Cutler
  3. RavensShallBurn

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    1. Brees
    2. Brady
    3. McNabb
    4. Manning
    5. Rivers
    6. Warner
    7. Ryan
    8. Rodgers
    9. Cutler
    10. Romo
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    Palmer should be a steal in the 7th

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    If he makes it past week 5 I'd be happy for him.
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