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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dman, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. V-MAN

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    Theres nothing Bud did that any other owner wouldn't have done.. Snyder's making Bud look like a great owner now a days.

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  2. The Hammer

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    You forgot the Cleveland Rams and Chicago Cardinals :p

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    Great show........showed people how bud was especially back then. However, I do not think Snyder is at fault in this redskins deal. He hired a gm and shanahan and basically has backed away and let them run the team. Unlike jerry jones(whom to me is Al Davis or worse).
    Shanahan is pulling a Jeff Fisher and trying to get fired so he can get his 14 million. He and Fisher are more arrogant than the players. His son (nepotism city) has changed the offense and gone away from what won games for them last year. Go back and look at the Bootlegs and roll outs from his denver days. They ran that last year and the read option. This year they running 5 and 7 step drop back passes, and trying to fit a square peck in a round hole. Why not run the offense that won games and the division last year? Maybe shanahan needs to fire his son! RGIII from what I have always heard is a class act and what the coach has done today shows he puts himself above the team. HOUSTON TEXANS PLEASE HIRE HIM WHEN HE IS FIRED PLEASE!
  4. PreTitan

    PreTitan Camp Fodder

    The last segment was really hard to watch. Just a mixture sadness and anger. I appreciated how the story arc didn't blame the city of Houston for the team leaving though. That rested squarely on the coaching/office staff, and Bud Adams.

    I think fans had the last FU as shown in the video. Nobody cared, and nobody wanted the repeated failures. Houston got their team, and got their stadium. In the end, Bud never got his superbowl

    Most fans don't really give a damn anymore honestly. I think a lot of the faithful left are life longer fans still, and others who put in 30-40 years of fandom. My old neighbor still has his Oilers flag in his garage, but he's been a fan since the AFL days. I wouldn't call that butthurt.

    The Oiler history follows the team, but in the end, everything pre-Tenenessee will be forever the Houston Oilers. The team may own the official records, but the fans will own the memories. That's something the team can never take away
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    Worked out for me. Now my favorite team is a 10 hour drive away instead of 22 hour drive.
  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

  7. PreTitan

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    To me it looks like a lot of people reliving terrible memories of what could have been that season or in 91, 92, and arguing about how they wouldn't have beat the Cowboys in that thread. Lots of open discussion about that season in general, and game memories. I don't see anything "butthurt" about them being the Titans now.

    It seems as if you get a kick out of sticking it to the fans, for whatever your agenda is for. Whatever floats your boat
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    One problem with that good Oiler team during that certain period of the 90's was bad timing. The talented Steelers and Bills kept mowing them over.

    Same with Moon. I feel hes underrated in a certain aspect (not just the lack of playoff success) but he was in the same era as: Montana, Marino, Elway, Cunningham, Kelly, Aikman, Esisason, Sims etc etc etc ...
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  9. Dman

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    considering he is in the HOF I don't think he would be rates as underrated and he was a baller. I loved to watch this guy throw as a kid. Then we had Air McNair followed by nobody lol. Watching these years and knowing we had a QB makes me miss those days so much, we need a QB! o_O
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  10. cdubbs2121

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    I'm sure there's been a thread about this but just watched football life on Oilers.

    Wow what a nightmare lol. Didnt like the team until titans franchise started so this was all new to me.

    it was a train wreck but at least it looked exciting now we just have a limp weiner trying to get hard on a pornshoot.
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