A Defensive Draft/Style in 2012

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by dtm586, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. ScotTitan

    ScotTitan Starter

    I've mentioned it before but my choice for SS in the draft is Sean Spence.

    At 5'11 215lb, that plays fast and hits hard, looks like an Nfl safety, maybe a bit stiff in the hips but he'd be a tough in the box safety for us.

    Hopefully other teams dont realize his potential as a SS and think he is just a tiny LB. He will go 3-4th round.

    Barron in the 1st would be foolish and a total reach in my opinion.
  2. FLA Titans Fan

    FLA Titans Fan The GM

    IDK if Id Draft Spence to play safety. Id love him to play weak-side backer....yeah hes a lil undersized but he plays bigger then he is. He's a hell of an athlete but LB to SS is a lil different then making a CB into a S. I see where your going with it but I just dont see us doing that, deff would be interesting to see Gray come up with packages with a guy like Spence at SS.

    Why do you think Barron in the first would befoolish? How is that a reach? Was Locker a reach? Was Britt a reach? Cj a reach? What is reaching for a player? If I'm a GM my draft board is going to be completely different from other GM's. IM pretty sure ppl on here were complain on Hope not getting the job done. Now its that Griff cant tackle and is too soft..... So if I'm the GM Barron is the best SS/FS in the draft that I feel can step right in and be productive then I grab him at 20
  3. steverife

    steverife Starter

    As far as perceived value, Barron looks like a huge reach at 20. I bet he runs slow at the combine and could be available in the 2nd.
  4. edward nigma

    edward nigma Starter

    Not only is he a reach, but in our division he would be singled out. His M.O. is aggressive against the run and a hard hitter. In coverage he would be exposed trying to cover some of the TE's in our division. Might as well pickup Bernard Pollard. This is basically what we would be getting.

    1st Rd. David DeCastro/ G, Stanford (trade up to get him if you must).
  5. FLA Titans Fan

    FLA Titans Fan The GM

    We'll see what he looks like in the National Championship. Martin fromOSU looked pretty bad with the future Colts Qb throwing all over them....oh but wait he did make a big hit so lets settle for a guy like that. Barron>Hope or Babs.
  6. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    the only two players i would trade up to get in this draft is blackmon, which would cost to much and coples...who will also cost alot...the de from SC is gonna be good if we pick him and we could also take the c from WISC. if he declares instead of losing picks to trade up....
  7. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    1. Barron: Fills need, great talent, instant starter.
    2. Top OG/C prospect on the board.
    3. Same for DL
  8. mike75

    mike75 Starter Tip Jar Donor

    Cut Griffen and Hope... Keep Finnegan,Babineaux
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    No Griffen was a safety at Texas who we tried at CB. And the positions are not similar. Ed Reed would be average at best as a CB but is a hall of famer at FS.
  10. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    yep fishface wasted his rookie TC having him play CB
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