A Closer Look at Jake Locker

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by EdRomeo, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Titaneers

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    I realy hope that was sarcasm..
  2. seafandawghawk

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    I can take a stab at answering this one RollTide. Yes it definitely did matter IMO. Locker rushed for something like 85 yards, keeping NU from being able to key on Polk because they had to account for JL burning them. And JL didn't make any really bad decisions or (I believe) throw a single errant pass in that whole game. If you can watch a tape of that game, it's not even a slight exaggeration to say that UW's WRs were absolutely manhandled by NU's DBs and secondary. I would guess off of the top of my head that seven of those nine incompletions were conspicuous throw aways.

    I'm not trying to use that game as some shining example for JL to point to. OTOH, he managed that game very proficiently, hurt NU with his legs, made key completions when they were there (including an NFL quality fade to set up their final TD, which he ran in from 20+ on the next play after that one). In UW's regular season game against NU, JL was terrible, by far his worst game as a collegian. But in the Holiday Bowl he was in command of his team, hurt NU with his legs (and arm too when opportunities presented themselves), and in doing so prevented NU from loading up on Polk, which kept their offense on the field in a ball-control kind of smash mouth win.
  3. EdRomeo

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    I appreciate and agree with your response.
    The toss to Goodwin(?) on the corner route was as good a throw or better then many pros can make.
    But, I was hoping that there would be some discussion of this game.
    Lets not allow Rolltide to derail this thread, at least not yet.
    I was hoping that people would discuss plays from this game, before moving on to another game.
  4. Carpy

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    33) Shotgun: 3rd & 18 Straight drop back pocket breaks down, evades sacks as jersey gets grabbed scrambles w/ head up and throws a rope in between tight coverage for the 1st down (6:26)

    34) Under center: PA Roll (R) deep throw back (L) WR is in the middle of the field pass is towards (L) hash mix up? OT+OT- IS-

    These 2 plays to me stand out.

    They are both the sign of what he can expect in the NFL. No ma tter how good your line is, passers rarely throw from a clean pocket. That's just a fact.

    On the first play, he showed the ability to escape pressure, keep his eyes downfield and hit a target on a critical 3rd and long.

    On the 2nd play his pass was wildly inaccurate. As Ed said, not sure if that was a mis-communication or just a bad throw. What I did like however is his willingness to set his feet once he was outside the pocket and stand tough and make the throw despite the fact he was about to get hammered. A lot of athletic QBs in that situation would have just taken what they could get on the ground rather than take the hit as he threw.
  5. Passepartout

    Passepartout March Madness

    The kid has a future. And plus, he would or looks to be the starting QB come opening day. If there is a 2011 season hopefully! He is smart and bright. Plus he is a team player for what I read about him. Hopefully he will last a long time. Like him already.
  6. TDawg1313

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    There's also a decent analysis of Locker's Holiday Bowl game too in that link.
  7. lateknight

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    In his defense, his line was not good. Ok but not good. That being said, several throws in the game clips would have been easy picks in the NFL. His reads seem a bit slow at times which isn't a good combo with the rush he seemed to consistently have on him. Luckily, his legs made up for that. The question is will his legs be quick enough to get him out of trouble in the NFL. Hopefully our line will be able to perform better than last year. Throw him out there and let's go. Maybe he'll perform like Sam Bradford And rise up or maybe he'll perform like Ryan Leaf and bust but there's only one way to know for sure. The difference between the NFL and his college team/opponents is so great that we'll never know by watching these clips anyway. Trial by fire, let's go. If he fails we've got Rusty.
  8. Gut

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    First 21 plays...

    Ball was thrown behind WR - so not a good throw for such a short pass. Forced him to turn around.

    He didn't read this play, just looked left to try and draw the D. It worked and they got a nice pick play. How is it an on target throw if he missed him? He over threw it and should have gunned it to the back immediately once he was open. Bad throw...both in type of throw chosen (lob instead of firing it) and accuracy (overthrown and it wasn't that far).

    It's hard to see but clearly this pass is NOT on target. Either over his helmet or out of his body frame or both. Bad throw and more disturbingly - bad read. He expected cover 3 with the cb playing off him so an easy hitch completion. Needed to go to another WR when he realized the defense. Bad decision and bad throw.

    Good throw but it wasn't read nor was there good coverage. The DB bit on the inside looking move so was out of position. Nice throw though.

    Good short throw but had TE completely uncovered on the other side. It doesn't appear he reads defenses.

    Not an on target throw if he misses the WR.


    A little underthrown but a good throw to make the completion for a TD.

    Hold the ball! Nice run though!!!

    He had time to throw it.


    PS - More when I get a a chance.
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    Well he does have a free rusher between him and the receiver, so it would be a risky throw. You're right he doesn't even look that way, but we can't know if that's because of a pre-snap read or not. Many QB's will choose to throw away from a free rusher, simply because he gets too close.

    As an aside, I find it funny that people try to break down film from the TV angle alone. When breaking down QB's and WR's you really need the endzone angle or "coaches film" to complement the tight and sideline angles.
  10. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    He had the lowest wonderlic score of all the top QB prospects.
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