A Closer Look at Jake Locker

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by EdRomeo, May 16, 2011.

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  1. EdRomeo

    EdRomeo Football Fan

    I don't see how Boller is relevant.
    Brian Billiack really tries to drive home the Boller comparison, and although they have similar combine numbers I think they're very different QBs.
    For one Boller played in the same QB friendly system for 4 years yet his comp% was 6.1 % points lower then Locker who played in Ty Willingham's highschool option offense for his first 2 years.
    I also think Billick is doing a bit of blameshifting when he talks about Boller's struggles/failure.

    By blame shifting I mean passing the blame for his own inability to put more talent around him and coach/develop him as a QB.

    Also, not trying to nit-pick but I didn't say most:
    For example I think Terrelle Pryor has accuracy issues and its evident in any game you watch.

    Right, that's similar to the way most coaches chart a game.
    What I'm saying is that even using that method its not an accurate assessment to isolate a few plays from the total and use only those to make a judgement.
    You can always point out a handful of bad throws from any QB in any game. And if you isolated on only those throws to make a judgement as opposed to making a judgement based on those throws in relation to the total throws then I believe you get a skewed assessment.

    Which was one the main things I like about Locker.
    I don't think I've ever posted my full assessment of Locker.
    But, I'll post them next.

    I'm still in semi-shock that Locker isn't gonna be wearing the Burgundy and Gold.
    Although I know he won't get it he deserves the benefit of the doubt to start off with a clean slate without the carry over draft misconceptions.
  2. EdRomeo

    EdRomeo Football Fan

    This is a compilation of a bunch of older stuff and my complete opinion on Locker:

    o top level arm strength
    o solid throwing motion/mechanics
    o footwork w/ dropbacks isn't consistent but then again neither was his pocket or pass protection and they kinda go hand in hand
    o top level mobility, great runner, very good throwing on the run,
    o the above skills allow him to make plays when the play breaks down
    o tough, has played with and through injuries
    o shows leadership traits -came back to school and lead them to a bowl game victory
    o played in a pro-style offense
    o although his stats aren't on par with some of the other prospects the talent level around him has to be considered-(it takes a solid OL to run a rhythm passing offense)
    o played under duress
    I count that as a major plus.
    A simple way to view my opinion of Locker is this:
    If you switch Locker w/ the other top prospects i think he would have success in their situations but i have doubts the other prospects would succeed in Locker's circumstances.
    He's probably the only QB prospect that's going to go the NFL and get better pass protection.

    When i watch Locker/Huskies i don't see a randomly inconsistent QB.
    I see a QB affected by the pass protection, i see a QB battling to make a limited offense work.
    You mention Gabbert as a comparison.
    But when i watch Gabbert i see a QB in a wide open passing offense.
    Naturally passing in that offense should be easier b/c that's the entire purpose of the offense.
    Gabbert usually gets to receive the snap, set, plant and throw in a system with well defined reads in comparison to Locker has more pro-style reads and rarely
    gets to set, plant and throw and the times he does he looks good.
    Sark's offense imo is a weird combo of zone-read and NFL pro-sets when combined with their level of talent and pass protection produces an passing offense that is not wide open and in general doesn't seem to consisently beat the defense with open receivers.
    When i watch Gabbert and Mizzou, (who's offense i love) their wide open passing attack generally seems to produce multiple open receivers.
    Despite the differences in their offenses; Gabbert, in his wide open passing offense has only a slighty better efficiency rating, has thrown 1 less TD.
    *Raw stats in general don't mean a whole lot in isolation when it comes to QB evaluation (imo).
    Speaking specifically about your comparison between Locker's ability as pro passer vs Gabberts: after you consider the difference in systems and talent/pass-protection i don't think their difference in stats supports Gabberts superiority.

    Ultimately an evaluation of Locker boils down to the perception of Locker's accuracy in context with the team around him.
    And when I speak of accuracy I'm talking about actual accuracy i.e. ball placement not completion percentage, which is as much a measure of the passing game as unit as it is a measure of the QB as an individual.
    Locker's shows good ball placement when his OL can give him a half decent pocket.
    And we've all seen his exceptional accurate on the run.
    There is a difference between QB who is occasionaly inaccurate and uncomfortable throwing under normal circumstances vs. a QB that is occasionaly inaccurate and uncomfortable throwing under actual duress from a failing pocket.

    Even the best QBs are negatively effected and become uncomfortable and inaccurate when their pass protection is getting beat and they're under duress constanly being hit and sacked:


    Locker when compared to many QBs in this draft class didn't have the luxury of the quality pass protection (in some cases great pass protectin) or the pass protection provided through the pitch and catch nature of the spread passing offenses.
    I don't rely on stats much but I believe they're meaningful in comparison to Gabbert because Locker's much maligned stats/production are on the same level as Gabbert a prospect that played with much more talented OL in a wide open passing attack conducive to big pass totals
    Gabbert: QB Rating:127--63.6 comp %---16 TD---9 Ints----23 sacks
    Locker: QB Rating: 124--55.4 comp%----17 TD---9 Ints----19 sacks

    For me personally when I watch Locker I don't see nor do I believe the teams that like Locker will think he has a 'lack of football instincts' or 'accuracy issues' beyond those legitamtely caused by the 0-12 talent around him.
    Games (UCLA, Nebraska x2, Stanford, USC, Oregon St, Washington St., Arizona, Cal Syracuse, BYU--2009 Stanford, LSU, Arizona, USC, Cal, Notre Dame)

    And for those who look at comp %:
    If you look at Jake's comp % under Sarkiasian it was:56.8%
    which would put him just a hair it puts him a hair behind:
    Matt Stafford: 57.1%
    Jay Cutler: 57.2%
    and not that far off from
    Josh Freeman 59.1%
    Matt Ryan: 59.9%

    His 4 year comp% of 53.9 is closer to Stafford and Cutler then it is Kyle Boller's 47.8%
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  3. EdRomeo

    EdRomeo Football Fan

    Lol, about improving his accuracy in 1 training camp.
    This coming from the guy that said:
    So either the Titan's found a magic elixir for improving accuracy or Lombardi's perception of Jake's accuracy was wrong in the first place.

  4. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    Out of High5s but really enjoyed the previous couple of posts EdRomeo
  5. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    I find it funny that the experts used his completion percentage as proof of his "accuracy problems" when he threw the ball away more than any QB in the nation due to terrible play by his teammates.
  6. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor


    Which if he was a pocket passser would be 'smart football'
  7. 757Titan

    757Titan We had zero pro bowlers

    Most of the experts are a joke...
  8. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Who was that guy that compared Locker to Favre? He was one of the few guys that actually thought he was the best QB in the draft.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Us here or the guys on NFL Network? Cause those guys on TV only regurgitate what guys like Dave Razzano say. I know I thought Locker was the best QB, and that was after doing my own research.
  10. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    I know Gruden said he would have taken Locker #1 overall without batting an eye.
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