A Closer Look at Jake Locker

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by EdRomeo, May 16, 2011.

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  1. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter

    I am. And I was one of the major VY supporters. I think our offensive personnel works best with a mobile QB so I'm glad we stuck with the same formula at QB.

    We addressed a lot of needs in the draft (LB and DL) and picked up some player types that we were lacking last year (run stopping DT...bigger LB who can cover). I think if we can find a solid replacement for Hope we'll be looking good on offense and defense going into the season. The only concern that I have is with our O-Line. Its never good to have a rookie QB constantly under pressure or having an elite RB getting met in the backfield.

    I think our coaching will be an upgrade over last year so I'm expecting an entertaining year. Anywhere from 8-11 wins.
  2. EdRomeo

    EdRomeo Football Fan

    Yes. I think Locker was the best QB in the draft.
    I have some reservations about the scheme fit of Akeem Ayers as a non-3-4 OLB but I think he's a good player/pick.
    I really like the value in Casey, McCarthy and Harper.
    I think Casey instantly becomes the most stout player on the DL.
    McCarthy has the skillset to eventually start at LB and Harper is should be a good between the tackles power running complement to CJ28.

    BTW-No, worries but you probably could have fit your question into one of the draft threads.

    In an attempt to keep this thread on track.

    Do you have any comments about Locker as per the thread from the posted games or comments about Locker in general?
  3. Riverman

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    Spot on. (my high five button wasn't showing for some reason)
  4. Courtesy Flush

    Courtesy Flush 49er fan

    I think Locker is a decent fit for the Titans. He has his flaws, and i'm not sure about him being the best in the draft (though it was a pretty weak draft class for QBs), but I think a lot of his problems would be fairly easy to improve with good coaching. His accuracy problems seem to be mostly due to him throwing too hard and having balls sail on him. This should be an easy fix since his fundamentals are actually pretty solid. Problems like that are easier to fix than if he had major mechanical problems. I don't know a lot about your QB coaches, but it will be interesting to see how he develops.
  5. 24

    24 Starter

    It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been watching some 2009 film on Locker. I'll keep this short, but clearly Locker's problem is accuracy. What constitutes accuracy? To me, it's ball placement, and making the right read.


    3:40, clearly the wrong read. The route wasn't shallow enough, but still. Passes like that contribute to the inaccurate label.

    11:06, when his first read isn't there, Locker starts panicking, which leads to inaccurate ball placement. If he can become more confident in his reads, then his ball placement will improve. He got hit here, but he should have moved to his next read.

    5:56, he's excellent on slant routes, showing great anticipation. He does this all the time (also, 11:36). Short routes are not his problem, but you still make your money on intermediate routes.

    Also, his arm strength was better his junior year. I think the rib injury really affected him. If he can learn to read complicated defenses (which requires sitting for some time), then he'll be fine. He should know where he's going with the ball before the ball snaps.

    Awfully optimistic. I'd say at most 8 wins, but more like 5.
  6. titanflamer

    titanflamer Starter

    I agree with most of what you say, It is kind of a good change of pace not to see sidearm stuff.
    I am ready to see the next game breakdown, not much else to do.
  7. TitansJonne

    TitansJonne OG triple OG

    I don't want to seem like im making excuses. But im gonna wait till pre season to find out what Lockers problems are. In that offense. It's tough to judge a QB who is constantly running for his life and has NO receivers to throw too.

    Hell i wouldn't blame him for panicking. He knows he doesn't have much time. No making excuses, im just saying im gonna hold off judgment until i see him in our fairly decent offense where we actually have a good supporting cast.
  8. EdRomeo

    EdRomeo Football Fan

    I agree that making the right read and knowing where to place the ball can improve accuracy.

    But, I feel like you constantly point to accuracy as Jake's issue yet you don't point out enough instances of his inaccuracy on film to support that claim.
    Imo if you're going to label a QB as inaccurate then it should be clearly evident every game, an inaccurate QB will miss more throws then average and the throws they miss shouldn't be legitimately effected by pressure/lack of pass protection.

    In this clip you point out 2 throws which you label as missed/inaccurate.
    But every QB is gonna miss some throws every game, especially in the face of pressure.
    It doesn't seem like an accurate assessment to point out 2 miss/inaccurate throws then label that QB as having an accuracy problem.

    Although we disagree its nice to talk some football/film again.
    And I will break down some of the clip you posted later on.

    You also said this:
    Which leads me to believe that we view the term inaccurate differently.
    Accuracy isn't a term I throw around losely.
    To me when someone says QB X is inaccurate to me your saying that QB cannot hit what they aim at, which imo makes them near undraftable.
    Now I'm starting to think you mean that accuracy is something Jake needs to improve not that something that he lacks altogether.

    Is my take correct?

  9. TitansJonne

    TitansJonne OG triple OG

    From the film ive seen, i don't see alot of accuracy. I see a FEW poor decisions but i see him make good throws. Especially on the run which is good since PA rollouts will probably be used alot. And he is good at leading receivers meaning he knows where they are going to be.
  10. 24

    24 Starter

    Yep, pretty much. I think confidence in where you are going with the ball is just as important as the ability to place the ball accurately. I'm reminded of something Bill Polian said before the draft. He said that the most important trait they look for in QBs is having "quick eyes". In other words, the ability to move to your second read, without getting flustered. Once you get flustered, you can't maximize your ball placement.

    I am, however, going to disagree with your claim that most of his passes should be inaccurate. If you go back and watch Kyle Boller in college, you would never say most of his passes were inaccurate. Same goes for most of the QBs drafted into the NFL.

    Finally, the reason I only point out 2-3 plays is due to the way I score it. Each play can score +, -, or =. +, if Locker executes the play properly, or even if he improvises for positive yards (which he often does). -, if he doesn't make the right read, inaccurate pass, doesn't keep his eyes downfield, etc. And, =, where he doesn't force the issue, right read but difficult throw, holes in the OL, poor routes, etc. Most of his plays actually receive = from me, because of the poor talent surrounding him. If he throws the ball into the ground, but all his WRs were covered, then there's nothing he can do. Basically, most of the plays are in some way instrumentally affected by the lack of talent.

    In all honesty, I've felt better about this pick since after the draft. The 2009 film (thanks for that BTW) that you posted was much better IMO than 2010, which would lead me to believe that the rib injury must have affected him.
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