9th home game of the year this week?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by zackmann, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Okay…. I’ll admit it. I’m guilty of that.

    But here’s why. You see I’m in my forties and I’ve been following Texas football all my life. And Texas is no Baylor or Northwestern. Or dare I say, it’s no Vanderbilt. During my life I’ve seen Texas win four national championships and many conference championships. So it’s not like my life was devoid of quality football.

    And as many of you might understand, as a fan, you see things – maybe once every five or ten years – that’s just so remarkable that you actually treasure the memory whether it’s a furious fourth quarter rally, a game winning field goal, or a goal line stand. These are the things that make being a fan really worthwhile.

    But when Vince Young came along he turned all of that on its ear because instead of seeing truly remarkable things happen once every five or ten years, I started seeing two or three truly remarkable things happen per game.

    A few examples:

    Down by 28 to Oklahoma State Vince Young led a comeback that ended with Texas winning by 21 points.

    In that game Vince Young goes 18 of 22 for 278 yards and rushes 12 times for 123 yards.

    The next week at Kansas, Vince Young was flushed from the pocket fourth and 18 and scored.

    In the Rose Bowl that year, Michigan kicked a FG to go up by ten. Vince Young slapped Mack Brown on the belly and said, “don’t worry coach. I’ve got this one.” Sure enough, VY led Texas to 17 fourth quarter points and a win.

    At the end of the 2004 season, Vince wrote a note on the locker room board. “If you want to beat Ohio State, meet here every night at 7 pm.” The entire team showed up and Vince Young led them through supplemental practices throughout the off-season.

    Against Missouri VY scrambled for 34 yards on a third and 30.

    During a TV timeout gainst Oklahoma, the Sooner defense correctly diagnosed the play Texas was about the run and started shouting it out to one another. One of the Texas linemen said to Vince, “They know our play.” Vince said, “So? They still have to stop it.” Vince Young then connected with Billy Pittman on a 64 yard pass.

    Against Colorado VY completed 25 of 29 for 339 yards.

    Early in the second half of the Oklahoma State game, Vince Young was flushed from the pocket, started left, cut back to the right and ran 80 yards for a touchdown. An examination of the replay showed he only took 23 steps during his 80 yard jaunt.

    The week before the Kansas game, Vince Young said that he was mad about disrespectful comments the Kansas coaches had made the prior year and he intended to make a statement. He led Texas to 52-0 halftime lead.

    Texas beat Colorado 70-3 in the Big 12 Championship game (which was, incidentally, the last time Vince played in Reliant stadium).

    Against Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Lendale White and the rest of the USC Trojans that ESPN Sports Center had dubbed the “greatest team of all time,” Vince Young accounted for accounted for 467 yards and took complete control of the game, scoring two TDs in the last four minutes.

    I could go on and on, but I won’t.

    So yeah! I like football. I have the sense to recognize an extraordinary player when I see one. If that’s idol worship, so be it. There’s no point in being blasé when you’re watching something nobody has ever seen before or will likely ever see again.

    Oh and you Titan fans should be real excited. VY didn’t do a whole lot the first year he played QB for Texas. He just drove the bus and showed glimpse of brilliance. You guys already have the miracle comeback over the Giants. Just imagine what kind of memories you’ll have in a couple of years when he really settles in.
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    Believe it or not Hooky, that was not directed to any particular person. The Some total of what I talk about when it comes to football is:
    3.)How the Cowboys/recently Tennessee is dong, by default of #1.

    I just take exception to the people who say, all Vince fans/Longhorn fans put his likeness on alter and burn opposing team jerseys, while praying to him. That's not the case with Me, my family and mainly all my friends are Vince Young Fans, me and my boys have Tennessee and Longhorn #10 jersies.
    I love football, but when all things are placed in perspective, at the end of the day, it really is just a game. (eek, did I just say that? :banned: )

    One other point, I generally root for all the former Horns to do well..
    DJ at KC, Roy at Detroit, Vasher & Benson @ Chicago, etc. but I never became a fan, watching the box scores or catching highlights on Sports Center would suffice. With Vince it has been different. I can't see enough of the Titans.

    At any rate, not trying to hijack the post, just wanted to clarify that that wasn't directed to any particular individual.
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    Thanks, Torch7. I hear where you're coming from and I think I share your approach.

    But I also realize that a lot of people, for whatever reasons, just can't seem to understand why Vince fans are such ardent Vince fans, so I thought I'd try to 'splain. For whatever it's worth...
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    "VY knows if you've been bad or good"

    Oh you better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I'm telling you why
    Vincent Young is coming to Town

    He's taking the snap
    Pump faking it twice
    The Texans D will look just like Rice
    Vincent Young is coming to Town

    He sees you when you're blitzing
    He knows you'll make a mistake
    He knows the Texans are no good
    So cheer for him for goodness sake
    - from the Houston Chronicle
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    hooky, that was one great post...it really pumped me up...thanks...

    go vince!!!!!
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    No worries, Hooky; I understand making sure I didn't offend any other Fans. Especially one in such close proximity... :)

    Do you listen to AM 1300 the Zone?

    ico4498's post reminds, me of the song I wrote last year to attempt to win, Rosebowl, tickets, that BUCKEY totally messed up. "Vince Young, Is a Rollin' Stone"
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    Vince is LOVED here in Texas by all Longhorns and all non-aggie/ou fans. I live in Austin and can't make the game :hmm: in Houston but a lot of guys I tailgate with at the Longhorn games live in Houston. They are going and wearing Burnt Orange.

    BTW,, I heard on the local sports radio that VY's Titan jersey has sold more in Houston this year than Carr's jersey has since he arrived in Houston. I think yall will be surprised how many people in Houston will be cheering for yall. I know most of Austin will be! :yes: HOOKEM TITANS!
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    be sure to check the source link for fun links like this...


    :rotfl: :biglaugh:
    check out this post a Texans fan left... this is great!
    :ha: that's great...
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