6 Completely Legal Ways The Cops Can Screw You

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JCBRAVE, Jul 12, 2010.

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  2. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    #5 is legit, I've done a few ride alongs and one of the things they asked me to do was "guess" which car was speeding. Also they say they have it clocked on their radar, but sometimes they don't always hit the 'save' button or they won't let you see it so..yeah.

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    I have a $600 radar detector, and if I'm clocked and they claim its on radar, I'd have known. I wonder if I could catch them in a lie, and get out of any future tickets...
  4. CRUDS

    CRUDS Moderator Staff

    I was ticketed for going 75 in a 55 on US1 north of Jupiter, FL though my work truck was governed to top out @ 55. Meanwhile the car in the next lane blew by me at about umm 75mph right before I was radared - but he didn't get pulled over.
    I asked the cop if it was possible he had zapped the other car and not me and his response was "I don't know"...
    I went to court with and the cop showed up and though I presented proof that my vehicle had a governed accelerator I still had to pay.

    BS man..
  5. World Peace

    World Peace Nephew Gunner

    Same thing happened to me in Lake County Indiana on I-65. I had my cruise control set on a notch under 75.. i get pulled over and i have no idea why. He claims I was doing 93 in a 70... 23 over? I told my friends in the car to look at my dash where the cruise light was on and where the speedometer was and it was around 74 before before i slowed down. They were in disbelief as well.
  6. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    similar thing happened to me but I got out of it. Long story but summary:

    Cops had 12 cars pulled over along mile long stretch. Cop one on overpass "lasering" cars passing under and radioing speed to cops lined up on on-ramp pulling them over. Cop pulled me over saying I was doing 85- only doing 69 really.

    I went back to site took photographs, measured distance from overpass to pull-over point which was over a hill and out of site of overpass. I got the cop to admit he started from a dead stop and he never lost sight of me after my truck was identified as the one speeding. I then got him to tell the judge his top speed he obtained to get me pulled over.

    I then used speed/acceleration formula to prove he would have had to drive 225 mph to pull me over to that location without ever losing sight of me. The judge dismissed the case.

    btw- the county prosecutor was a total dick. I used him like tampon during his direct questioning. He kept trying to get me to admit that I didn't really look at my speedometer. He asked "So doctor- you just happened to be looking at your speedometer? Why would you look at your speedometer if you weren't concerned about speeding?"

    I replied "Sir- I look at my speedometer to make sure I'm not speeding. That's why they are installed in the automobiles." The courtroom burst out laughing. Focking deusche.

    Those speed traps are all a racket. They got a hold of the wrong dude on that one. I had a lot of fun that day- even though I lost a ton of money taking the day off to set Boss Hog straight. I really don't speed ever. My staff refers to me as "paw-paw" and friends often say I drive so slow they wonder if I have a pulse.
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  7. BudAdams

    BudAdams SayHelloToMyLittleFriends

    its on the internet!..it has to be true!
  8. CRUDS

    CRUDS Moderator Staff

    When I die, I want to die like my grandfather -- who went peacefully in his sleep, not screaming and crying like all the passengers in his car...
  9. Brian

    Brian Big Fan

    Same thing happened to me! A NYS Trooper said he clocked me going 90 in a 55. I told him I had the cruise control set at 64, and the light was still on. He let me go.
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