6 "Cancers" on the team.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TouchdownTitans, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Scarecrow

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    1. I never once asked why we are paying CJ, AP money. Regardless, AP is still effective.
    2. Once those 2k backs or heavy carry backs have seasons like that, how many saw legitimate success after that?
    3. Sarcasm. A guy who had that great season in 2009, is 4/5 years older now. That is a significant number in the world of sports.
    4. How many earned that money afterwards?
    5. I don't know how we ended up here.

    And your opinion on Washington is just flat out wrong.
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  2. 2ToneBlue

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    My bad, I thought you were the one asking the original question. I was incorrect it was someone else that started the CJ/AP and you chimed in. Scratch #1 :)

    Effective AP only had like 20 yards from scrimmage this year more than CJ (can't get yards if you're not on the field)... Just saying...

    Nate is not worth 5mil, as wrong as I might be in your opinion, doesn't change that he's being overpaid.

    Only one career 1000 yard season, pathetic for the price.
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    How is this remotely relevant?

    What was our most inconsistent position on the field this year? And you expect him to 'wow' with that mess?

    The LAST thing you do is get rid of a guy like Nate in a contract year when you have questions at QB and WR depth. Getting rid of Nate leaves us with two receivers under contract next year, Wright and Hunter. No one is trusting Hunter next year, that would be foolish.
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    Cool, that rate is 5 years old. Let's refinance.

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    all this "cancer" talk. dont ever remember hearing this kinda stuff till last season. the season we spent 100mil bringing in players. seems there is one common demoninator in all this "cancer" talk. delanie walker. pollard only mentioned it once. never heard any other player or coach say it. someones stirring the pot. every time i read something delanie walker is holding the spoon.
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    Buffalo is about 6 hours away, never been to a pro game in my life. One day going to move to Nashville and get season tickets, but that day is not today.

    How about you The Hammer
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    I wanna punch that guy in the face
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    The first time I heard about these cancers was mid way through this season. It was repeated several times on 104.5 by Pollard. I never heard Walker say anything until after the season was over.
    The guys at 104.5 had asked Pollard if he would remain with the Titans and he brought up these cancers but didn't actually answer the question nor would he name names. They figured that since he had such a good year with the Titans that he might plan on testing the waters on a team that might actually make it to the playoffs.
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