5 Titans to keep an eye on

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    Below is a list of some Titans players I think could become solid players for us in 2012.

    First up is FB Quinn Johnson. Johnson comes from the Packers who IMO have one of the best scouting departments in football. A former LSU linebacker, Johnson loves to knock people around. His issues last year were due largely in part to not being in camp early enough to learn our playbook. Look for this guy to fill Ahmard Halls position.

    Next is Guard Duke Robinson. Robinson hasn't had a fair shake in the NFL and with us being soft in the middle as of late, keep your eyes and ears open for this kid to swoop in and take someones job. Robinson was with Sam Bradford at Oklahoma 3 years ago, so he's familiar with big pass rushers coming up the middle.

    Now on to defense where we find DE Pannel Egboh. Egboh impressed a lot of fans including myself in his limited action last preseason. Egboh doesn't have much football experience compared to others, which to me is whats holding him back. With another NFL offseason under his belt, pay attention to this guy heading into training camp.

    Another defender to take notice of is CB Chris Hawkins. Die hard fans know when we needed help last year in the defensive backfield, Hawkins was more than adequate in spot duty at CB.

    Lastly we have Safety Al Afalava. Afalava had an amazing pro day a few years ago, and if not for a DUI would have been drafted much earlier than he was. Just the fact Munchak signed off on him coming in tells me all I need to know about Afalava. With some good coaching I expect this guy to push for a back-up role next season. Some might say Afalava is Ryan Mouton with a backbone.

  2. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    I haven't cared much or paid much attention to this offseason. With Jinn Quanson-Space Ranger still on the roster, is Ahmard Hall done? did he sign anywhere else or is he just going to hang it up?

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    He's had several concussions, and was also busted for PED's last year. He did serve a 4 game suspension so that's out of the way, but he's taken a lot of shots since 2006. Seems like a great guy, but I believe his football days are limited. He should seriously consider walking away before its too late.

    As far as I know he hasn't even had 1 team call him.
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    Hawkins against the saints last year opened my eyes big time. He came out strong for us and made some really good plays against that offense and breezy.

    He and Campbell are the reasons I don't see us picking any cb up soon, plus reading munchs comments on "name" guys, it's just not happening. Our cb depth is better than some think.
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    Hawk-D outplayed Hawk-O last year, despite being "unknown" and Hawk-O was kind of a fan favorite.
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    I'll be keeping my eye on Pannel Egboh, for sure. I was pissed last year when I heard he was going to the practice squad. He had a awesome preseason and showed a lot of heart out there.

    Duke Robinson is massive, and I would love to see him get a fair shot, also. I remember him at OU. He needs to work on getting a little quicker than what he is. If he can work on his quickness, who knows.

    You could add James Kirkendoll to that list. I think he turns heads this upcoming preseason.
  7. Fry

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    Quinn Johnson was awful last year.
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    Meh, most these guys wont be heard of next season.

    And if they are, we're in worse shape than we thought.

    May be fun to watch in preseason though.
  9. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.


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    Thats what you would have said last April if I told you Damian Williams and Karl Klug would have breakout seasons.

    Im not going to go as far as to claim these are Pro Bowlers but dont be surprised when they dont suck.

    You typically see these kind of names and think they must suck since theyre on the bottom of the depth chart. But thats not entirely the case with these 5

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