4th for McNair???

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by aloving77, May 2, 2006.

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  1. bromike

    bromike Guest

    If you cut him at the last second you still get nothing for him. The Ravens are waiting unlike Eddie George. Mac already has the deal he wants and the Titans are unwilling to match it that's why they are trying to get the picks. The Ravens are prepared to let him come into camp late and still start. It doesn't alter their plans at all. Sure they would like to get him into camp sooner but he already has a 6 or 7year relationship with their number one receiver.
  2. KamikaZ

    KamikaZ Ex-Hall of Famer

    If he's this unwilling to negotiate, then I'll take the 4th. This is getting absurd.
  3. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    Actually we get almost as much as we would get by trading him + the satisfaction of knowing that we've done our small part to spite the Ravens. A 5th rounder is nothing.
  4. Enoch

    Enoch Guest

    What are you talking about ?

    He has been a God in this town for close to a decade despite never practicing or staying healthy. He gets nailed for driving under the influence, and we still take up for him and paint him as this all mighty leader/warrior that is indestructable.

    In reality, Mcnair has been an inconsistent and injury prone quarterback for his entire career. We had to have a viable backup plan his entire tenure here, from Chandler, to O'Donnel, to Volek because we KNEW he was going down. Despite that, we can never expect the chemistry offensively that other teams have because he never practices with his recievers, much less his entire offense.

    In my opinion, it is more than time to cut ties with him. His agent and his decision to inflame the situation and refuse negotations unless we make guarntees for 3-4 more years just seals it. McNair was not a good football player last year, and he definitely isn't worth 10 million a year.....far from it. At this point, I would rather have Jon Kitna in the lineup. Why? Because we know what we are getting. With Mcnair, we have no idea what we are getting. Are we going to get 15 games out of him, 10 games....5 games....If he plays 15 will he practice more than 40 times a year???

    Besides, the garbage he is pulling now is laughable. For the past two years we all were just praying he would not retire. Every year he plays the, I'm so beat up - I just do not think I can play anymore card. THEN in the year that is essentially his contract year....he battles through 15 games, leaving in multiple games but still actually participating....never practices....and claims he wants to play 3-4 more years. Excuse me while I laugh. You almost did not even play last year. You then proceeded to suck for 15 games, while barely practicing, and now you want 3 more guaranteed years at top price QB money.....

    Fine, take your demands to Baltimore. At least we will know here in Tennessee that if you make it to more than 2 practices a week that we were played the entire time you were here.

    As for Reese and company, they play a hard game with the agents in these cases, and it comes back to make us look terrible. I think this is a stance that had to be made, but some of the things they have done have completely killed any support they could have had from the fans. Not letting Mcnair practice and translating this to him via a trainer was just about the stupidest thing I have seen a franchise do (save for the Broncos using a third round draft choice on Maruice Clarett.)

    Anyways, enough ranting. Mcnair's departure will be good for this organization even if it sucks for us fans. Still, I get tired of people saying "If only we could have done more to keep him." We played McNair's fiddle for years, and he is just as much to blame for this situation as management is. I loved him as a player, but it is time for the fans to realize this is not the McNair who was mobile and worthy of the MVP....This is a guy that can barely stay on the field, rarely runs, and is not a quarterback to develop young recievers. He needs veterans to play with because his lack of practicing will not allow a young offense to learn to grow together.
  5. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    Can't argue with that Enoch! Nice to see a different perspective regarding "the unknown" when Mcnair leaves versus "the unknown" if he stays.
  6. kak23

    kak23 Camp Fodder

  7. bromike

    bromike Guest

    Enoch, It's nice to make a case for Mac not practicing after sacrificing his body to get an extra yard to keep the chains moving while you stand up a cheer. Now it's we don't know what we get, he can't practice. In the words of Allen Iverson "practice". You didn't say that when he didn't practice for 5 weeks and got the team into the playoffs. I don't agree with your post at all. But it's the mindset of the Titans management and I see it has effected the fan base as well. I hope he parts ways with the Titans as well but for totally different reasons. More so because of people who don't appreciate what this guy has done.
  8. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Well, Reese has stated in the past that we can carry McNair's current contract, but that we don't really want to. This could mean we hang on to him if we don't feel the compensation is right, and find out rookie money elsewhere (don't ask me where though).
  9. Enoch

    Enoch Guest

    The difference in the past was McNair had more veterans on the roster and an offense that knew how he operated. It was not as big of a deal if he didn't practice. Moreover, he scrambled. McNair is not much of a scrambler anymore, in fact....he rarely runs. When he does run, it often costs us in the form of an injury. I do not underappreciate what he has done, BUT I also think he is not a quarterback to develop a young offense. The veterans he could rely on in the past are gone. The recievers he knew like the back of his hand are gone. In their place are a bunch of young second year players or freshly signed free agents who have no idea what McNair wants. They have no timing with him nor instinct on how he is going to run the offense. He simply is not a reliable enough player to build a young team around, and lets face it - we are building. You may like to have a quarterback who gets injured after a routine hit to the sternum, but I do not. Heck, anytype of hit nowadays is sending him to the turf with an upperbody injury, and we just cannot afford to pay a guy 10 million a year to not help out this team offensively/developmentally.

    From Baltimore's perspective, they should be all over this deal. They have a roster that should be able to win for a year or two. While McNair may be close to done, inserting him behind a much better offensive line/running game, along with a reciever who was his go to guy for years is the perfect situation for Steve. I do not in anyway think that the situation with him here with the Titans is remotely favorable in regards to the Baltimore situation. Just about the only thing working for him here is the coaches/fans regard....which he will get when moving to Baltimore anyways.

    Besides - this type of attitude is ridiculous. I liked and supported McNair his entire time as QB of the Titans. However, I can still recognize his faults. The man cannot stay on the field, and his I'm retiring act turned into I deserve 3-4 more years is a game that is ironic at best.
  10. bromike

    bromike Guest

    Why do people comment on his retiring comment so much. He got in the best shape he had been in and said he wanted to play. No where after or during this season did he say he wanted to retire. If you decide to stay on your job for three more years it that such a bad thing?
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