49er week...and go Bolts

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    Also, the Chargers still has to play Denver (x2), KC (x2), and Cincinatti so that 5 games against playoff teams.
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    Yeah, it's way too early to concede the division. IF we win against the Niners (which I think is very possible considering we played the Chiefs and Hawks very close) then we go into the bye 4-3 and have a very realistic shot at 11-5. Sweep Jagrags, split with Indy, beat HOU, STL, OAK & ARI= 11 wins. Even if we drop one of those games we're still at 10 wins.

    Also, I think Indy is a very good team but I don't think they're quite as good as they're being hyped to be right now. I expect them to fall off a bit as the season progresses.
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    Definitely cheering for the Chargers tonight. Colts losing this one would be huge for us, especially with them likely losing next week to the Broncos.
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    Nope. This is stupid. If they lose tonight, we are only a game behind them.

    Then they have to play the Broncos next week, and we could have a chance to be tied with them for 1st going into the bye. Plus, we still play them twice, so there's that.

    One wildcard position has already been determined... Chiefs (or Broncos) are getting the 5th seed. So if we don't win the division we are locked into the 6th seed, which could be tough to get. We are very much alive for that 6th seed, but we'll need the Ravens and Dolphins lose a lot... I'm not worried about the Browns, Jets, Chargers, Texans, etc.).

    We can win this division, but we'll need Locker back after the bye, Rob Turner needs to GTFO, Bruce Matthews needs to GTFO, and Shonn Greene needs to get his ass back to the team ASAP.
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    Lockers return after the bye is best case scenario. Who knows how effective he'll be if we rush him back. Will he be afraid to get hit? Will he be mobile still? Will he be Locker of Week 1 & 2 or Locker of Week 3 & 4?

    Turner needs to GTFO, but Munch is pulling a Fisher.

    Bruce Matthews nees to GTFO, but Munch is pulling a Fisher.

    Greene needs to get back, what's the latest on his injury -- anybody?

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    The latest I heard was he was due back last week but he ripped his stitches out and was set to try for this week.

    That was as of last week though.