Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titantrusince82, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Ghost

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    Does it really matter now? We over came and smacked that ass back to ****sburgh.
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  2. BillsFan365

    BillsFan365 Guest

    Bills fan here to set the record straight:

    Our defense is a very misleading bunch.

    The only game they were thoroughly dominated from start to finish was in the Jets game. In both the San Francisco game, and the New England game, they played well in the first half. They held New England to 7 points and San Francisco would've been held to 10 had Scott Chandler not fumbled on our own 30 yard line. In the second half the defense got completely lit up in both these games.
    Lit up on historic levels. 31 points given up in one quarter against New England, and 600 yards given up against San Francisco.

    The defense's issues come from the fact that Dave Wannstedt has really been a bad DC. He has consistently failed to make adjustments at halftime. If we are losing at half time, he panics and it tends to get out of hand. When we're winning at half time, we usualy win because whatever game plan we came in with was already working, so it usually keeps working.

    Except in New England where their offense figured out the D completely and made adjustments at half time to light us up in the second half.

    That being said,
    our run defense has been misleadingly bad. We shut down the Chiefs, and Browns who have very talented backs. We shut down the Jets, until garbage time, and we shut down the Cardinals if you don't count Kolb's scrambles. The Patriots ran ALL OVER US because again Wannstedt let them. We played nickle the whole game and dared them to run so they did.

    No excuse for the 49ers game. That was a massacre.

    Final prediction, CJ (your CJ) has a couple long runs but doesn't break 100. Hasselbeck beats Aaron Williams for a touchdown, but the Bills offense will beat Tennessee in the middle of the field all game. CJ (Ours) will have a big game, as Chan Gailey is finally starting to realize that he needs more touches than Fed Jackson. He gets 100 on the ground, 30 in the air and a touchdown.

    Bills 24
    Titans 13
  3. titantrusince82

    titantrusince82 I'm down with the Titans for better or worse

    I didn't know that Nostradamus was a Bills fan.

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    I didn't know Dave Wannstedt was still alive.
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  5. BillsFan365

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    Just a prediction man.
  6. GoT

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    Tennessee 43 Lateral Suckers 0
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  7. titanflamer

    titanflamer Starter

    I think if you win it will be by 21 or more points. If not. Titans win by three.
  8. Ghost

    Ghost 3 Time US Navy 7th Fleet "Hogging" Champion

    All praise our secret weapon, Rob Bironas :whoop::notworthy:
  9. RealestWhiteBoy

    RealestWhiteBoy World Champion

    As I said before, I don't mind having a veteren QB that can execute a 2-minute drill. :)
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  10. The Playmaker

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