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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Jul 24, 2012.

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    Question for those who hope for a 3-4 base.

    After Ayers and Wimbley who do we have for OLBs? And what do we do with Ball and Morgan 2 pure 4-3 type ends? Who would be our 2 inside linebackers? McCarthy is one.

    What makes Ayers different is that he is big for a 4-3 linebacker. Use him in a 3-4 type scheme and his role is different. I like the combo of size and speed we have for 4-3 schemes.

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    Gray has said before he would play Morgan at OLB if we were a 3-4. IDK how well it would work, but thats what Gray said.

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    The Raiders were in cap hell a few months ago, they had to cut a lot of good players. Don't twist that into meaning Wimbley sucks. He had to go so they could build a full team, he was sacrificed, not shunned away.

    As for Casey and Martin, I agree, they're 4-3 DT's not 3-4 NT's. I do however think they could be NT's if need be. It's just that they're too athletic to be turned into NT's.
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