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    The guys at NFL Network seem to agree with what I've been saying regarding our QB situation. Either way, I truly believe we're in a win win situation.

    [ame="http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/09000d5d82a3b6d5/32-in-32-Tennessee-Titans"]NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Tennessee Titans[/ame]
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    Solid video
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    Hasselbeck's rating over the last eight games: 74.3

    Kerry Collins in his five miserable years here: 74.6
    Yeah. I brought it up again. Wanna fight about it? :slap:

    This is why many of us are pessimistic about Hasselbeck. Those games were miserable. A couple talking heads and a low-rent beat writer (Wyatt) won't change that opinion. We remember those games. They are burned into the retinas. And for example, if he can suck that badly against a decimated Colts team late in the season, why is it assumed he has a heads up against the front half of our upcoming schedule? He looked pretty much the opposite of what I would expect from Locker this upcoming season. Locker might start out ugly, but pick it up toward the end instead of burning out as the season goes on.

    I don't think we are totally screwed if we do start the season with Hasselbeck, but my expectations would have to drop a little. We have a pretty talented group of guys as a whole as long as they can stay healthy. He could still churn out some good games. He doesn't make my sphincter draw up when he drops back for a pass like VY sans '09.
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    I think the answer will be more evident once these preseason games get underway. We all have our opinions on who is best suited to move this offense and score points, but hopefully those differing opinions will come together as a concensus ( or close to it) once we see their play on the field during live action.
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    The only way Hass takes us anywhere this year is if the rest of the team can get it together and basically take Hass along for the ride (ie collins 2008). Hass is not leading this team to the playoffs. He only beat 1 good team last year (and lost to some crappy ones). What makes people think he will do better this time around? Under Hass we are an average team at best.
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    Remember, not only will he do better this time around (assuming he's healthy) but he will do it against the Patriots, Chargers, Lions, Texans, Steelers, Bears, Jets, and Packers. I don't see many W's there. This would be asking for a QB controversy. But if their plan is to go with Locker around Wk. 5 or 6, then I just hope we're not too far behind to make a run at the playoffs. However, I'd rather them skip that scenario altogether.
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    Locker needs to start. I don't know if you forgot what happened last season but Hasselbeck DID NOT beat good teams. He lost to the Colts.

    Locker NEVER had a bad game last season. His playmaking ability more than made up for his inexperience. He helped us compete with quality opponents and has the ability to extend plays with his legs.

    We have an upgraded VY vs. Collins situation here. Both are better than there predecessors but one side has/had a much higher ceiling.
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    Hesselbeck did beat the Ravens.... well sorta...

    too many hess haters on this thread.... i'll play devil's advocate for this, even though im all for locker starting

    anyone have his QB rating when Britt was healthy?
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    I remember MH having one of the best QB ratings in the league at one point.

    Man. That was nice.
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