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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tuckfro42, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. smili

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    Not for a first round pick. He may become a good starter in the league, but his value is not the #3 pick in the draft. I'm not against getting a quality QB in another way (I would've been fine with us considering Brees), but not a first round pick. I'm thinking his value may be more along the lines of a 3rd round pick - maybe a low 2nd on a good day.
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    Rule #6... if you can't say anything thing nice, don't say anything at all.
    look, I'm Bipolar. It's not just a moniker.
    I'm sorry but that notion is :crazy:

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  3. is that really ur license plate bipolar, cause if so thats friggen sweet
  4. Tuckfro42

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    I Give. I guess this will just have to be one of those things where 2-3 years down the road you all will say, "Hey, that crazy Tuckfro42 wasn't that dumb after all."
    Thank you for the warm welcome, feels just like Thanksgiving with my family.
    Now, lets pick Young!
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    thats more like it! lol
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    First, I would like to see some evidence that any team offered Atlanta a first rd pick for Schaub.

    Second, the Jets didn't get a first rd pick instead of Schaub.

    Third, where is the proof that Schaub is as highly regarded as Leinart, Young, or Cutler? I don't think you will find ANY draft expert or FO person on an NFL team (save the Falcons) who would favorably compare Schaub to the top 3 QB's in the draft.

    Fourth, Schaub holding all the passing records in his alma matter is meaningless. If he was such a hot commodity, he'd be a starting QB in this league...not a backup.

    Lastly, I'd rather take a shot on one of the QB's available in rd 2 over Schaub. We already have a Schaub on the roster. His name is Volek.

  7. Tuckfro42

    Tuckfro42 Frozen Donkey Wheel


    Sorry, that might have been speculation.

    Falcons sent #15 to Bronco's who sent #29 to the Jets. So, yes they did.


    If his passing records are meaningless, why use any college stats to evaluate any potential player. And, the reason he is a backup is that Mike Vick is the starter. Regardless of how you feel about Vick's QB skills, he puts butts in seats and money in pockets. Schaub has no chance to start without a Vick injury.

    I like this option better than taking any QB in the first round, but it looks like FO is dead set on QB at #3.
  8. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    First, NO team is gonna give up a first rd pick for Schaub and here's why. If his college stats meant a huge amount, he would have been a #1 pick. Since he wasn't, HE has flaws in his game too! If he was a better player than Vick, he'd start. The fact that Vick is not a good passer and Schaub is his backup should tell you something.

    Another point about his college stats...once you're IN the NFL, no one cares about what you did in college...it's what you can do once you're in the show. Schaub has done nothing in a meaninful game. I bet this guy was saying Volek was the second coming of Joe Montana after his huge yards and TD's in shootout games the year before. You might notice he didn't supplant McNair, get traded for a much needed first rd pick, nor set the league on fire this year when he had ample starting opportunities.

    Guys like Schaub and Volek are good for two reasons...first, they are serviceable backups and won't embarass your fanbase should they have to play. Second, given enough time and experience as a backup, they can evolve potentially into quality starters several years later...like 7. How good was Rich Gannon when he first tried it? Steve Young? Trent Green? Hopefully you get the idea. As for your other points...

    I live in NY and two of my best friends are die hard Jets fans. The Jets wanted a first rd pick AND Schaub for Abraham...not Abraham for Schaub! The Jets ONLY got their first rd pick. You know why? Abraham is injury prone and a bit of a problem child, wants huge bucks, and Vick's durability issue don't make it palatable to throw Schaub into the deal.

    Despite this Michael Smith guy working for ESPN, he is no draft expert I ever heard of nor is he a FO person for any NFL team. And even if he was, he makes several easily recognizeable errors in his opinion piece. Mentioning 'camp fire talk' is a sure sign he made it up. Second, Leinart, Young and Cutler have flaws in their game (which they do) but Schaub is a seasoned vet with 130 garbage time throws? Yawn... And someone suggesting any team should give up a top 5 pick AND a proven backup (Volek) for an unproven backup who was only a 3rd rd pick should tell you he doesn't know what he's talking about! And here's a hint...guys are very high first rd picks because of their potential. Guys are 3rd rd picks because they have a lot less potential or more flaws in their game. Outside of proving himself in practice to the Falcons, Schaub hasn't proven anything in this league. Did Volek after his first 130 passes? No.

    You assess college passing stats for potential draft picks for one simple reason...you look for every sign to give you a hint at his potential, flaws, character, and intangibles. But these are only indicators and many times, they are wrong...but they are all we have. There will always be a Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner and can't miss duds like Ryan Leaf. What else can you do but do your due diligence and take your best shot?

    I agree that our FO is dead set on Young or Leinart at #3. I would prefer bringing back McNair and reloading the team! If we can't get back in 2 years, we will have rebuilt everything else for the future anyway so why not go for it? Oh yeah, cause Young is the next Michael Vick and Leinart is the next Carson Palmer without the gun!

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