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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by citizenthom, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Congratulations for coming in 2nd.
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    Brown's greatest strength is his amazing speed. Which would be negated as an ILB in a 3-4. Browns greatest weakness is that he does not handle blockers well in run D. A 3-4 ILB needs to be able to take on blockers. We might as well cut him now if we are going full 3-4. He is not made for it. That is why we got him in the second round. 12 -15 years ago when 80% of the league was 4-3 he would have been a mid first round pick.

    Marks and Casey could play DE but will not be as good as they are when playing DT in a 4-3. Why would we switch to a defence that would make two players a little better and the rest a lot worse? Wimbley is not the kind of player we want to overhaul and rebuild the defence around. Ayers could be but not worth it at th expense of Brown.

    A better option could be to run a hybrid 4-3/3-4 defence. The Saints did that the year the won the Super Bowl. The Broncos are doing something similar with Von Miller.
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    The reason I like the 3-4 is that it is easier to find a rush Lber in the draft than it is to find a stud 4-3 DE who can rush the passer and isn't a liabilty against the run.

    Unless you are going to blitz a bunch then in the 4-3 the offense knows exactly who is rushing every single play. It is the 4 guys with their hands in the dirt. While the 3-4 defense forces the OL and QB to guess on every single play. Are they only bringing 3 or which of the Lbers is coming??? You are more likely to get a blown assignment by the OL when you force them to think more and the 3-4 does that.

    No matter what scheme you run if you are soft up the middle you will get killed.

    We need to improve at DT, MLB, and safety.
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    Safety first I would say. MLB would be ok if McCarthy can stay healthy. We are at least okay at DT. Would not call us soft there. Just not great.

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    Safety first only if there's no amazing DT's or MLB's on the board.

    Our DT's and MLB are good, but not great. At the end of the day Casey, Martin/Marks, and McCarthy are probably only B+ players at best.

    If we could land a blue chip guy, we have to.
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    I agree with you when it comes to the draft. I would prefer to see S in FA. To get a significant upgrade at DT or MLB we would need to draft. We are so weak at S right now it should be easy to upgrade through FA then maybe get a third rounder to develop.
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    I think that's a fair judgement. A top end player at either position is a win for us this year. Personally I think Star would have a bigger affect on the field than Te'o. Although I think Te'o does something we drastically need. Changing of the guard. The new face. New leader. Something we really lack. A fiery captain to push the other players. Locker room presence.

    Star would help our pass rush and run defense while Te'o would help our run and pass defense... To me if we could get Te'o and find a hidden gem DT...
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    If you want to run a 3-4 you have to have a stud Nose Guard. If your watching the game tonight watch Notre Dame's Louis Nix III. He is a reason Teo can be so productive.
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    Before I mention 3-4, let me say that if we got Star I think it helps McCarthy stay healthy in a way. A beast DT can help prevent the o-linemen from getting to the 2nd level and blowing up the MLB. So in a way, taking a big DT helps at MLB. Though I'm not against taking Teo.

    It does seem in the 3-4 that there are more options in the draft. Think of it this year, Mingo and Jarvis Jones are both BEASTS but don't really fit what we do. We could try to force the issue and put JJ at MLB ala Von Miller (who scouts thought was strictly a 3-4 LB) or Mingo at DE being undersized. But both those guys would flourish in a 3-4. And as much trouble as this team has had getting to the QB and creating pressure I don't understand why it's so far fetched to mention it. If you look at our sack number take out the 2 games against the awful Jags and see how good the number looks. That means in 14 of the other games during the year sacks were few and far between and I think the 3-4 limits us as to the personel we can get. I think 4-3 guys can transition easier to a 3-4 than vice versa.
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    The thing they did consistently was hurry the QB. They were getting there but the coverage wasn't holding the throw off long enough.
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