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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titansrule, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. First off, I'm not anti-Schwartz. He's certainly not of the top guys in the league, but I think he's a solid DC. But I get sick of all the Schwartz debates, so I just tend to sit them out.

    People don't like the less agressive defense he uses versus Gregg Williams, but that doesn't mean they can't work. Hell, I prefer a more agressive D, but I want to win games.

    I think we can get back to being dominant. But I don't think it's going to happen in the next few years. Part of it is having the right players and part is scheme. You can't play overly agressive defense if your secondary isn't good enough and/or you still can't get to the QB. The Oilers found that out in 1998 when they had so-so pass rushers and CBs who couldn't hold their man coverage. You don't need great CBs if you can consistently rush the QB.

    In the end, I think the biggest problem with the defense is a lack of talent. We need to significantly upgrade at MLB and safety. The pass rush needs to be more consistent. And we need more speed. No amount of coaching could have won with the players we had this year.
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    then why were they employed?

    and that is a fair question, and besides Titans won 4 and two of those were not against Houston. But I do understand your point I just disagree with it.

    The Titans continued to use the same players and tactics that they had proven were unsuccessful and did they expect them to be successful? apparently so.

    Disguisting to watch it truly was.
  3. Why were who employed? Poor players? What choice did we have based on our cap situation???

    Let's see what changes are made this year. I'm hoping we replace Kassell, Thompson, and Tank all in one fell swoop. Sirmon, possibly, too.

    As for the scheme we used, what alternatives did we have? Bulluck could blitz more, but then you leave Kassell and Sirmon trying to cover even more ground on their own. Tank could blitz, but Thompson had enough problem in coverage when he had help.

    When you play a 4-3, you need to be able to generate a consistent pass rush without blitzing. The Colts can do that, and that's the key to their entire D. The Bucs won a Super Bowl that way. Unless you have a much better secondary than we had in 2005, you can't blitz all the time...
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    I think we lack speed more than anything. Our LB's are slow, aside from KB. I feel like we could improve eminsely with the addition of just a couple of players that have speed and are more aggressive. With the right Safety and an additional LB or two we could get better in a hurry. With the cap space we have I'd expect some big changes going into next season.
  5. Speed at LB is clearly a big issue. I'd be OK with Sirmon if they feel like he'll be back to his 2003 form 2 years off the torn ACL (though he'll need to take some sort of paycut). And maybe he could be moved to MLB if they add a good OLB but not MLB. But Kassell is gone and we need a better athlete to replace him.

    I'm not sure what they do at strong safety, but I think Fuller will be the FS next year.
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    Again, I will be the optimist, but with the right moves we could easily have a dominating defense again quickly. If you are going to play a bunch on man to man in the secondary then you sure better be willing to bring the house from a blitz standpoint because CBs with the new rules are at such a disadvantage. If Reese is willing to spend the money we easily can afford to keep KVB and bring in the best OLB on the FA market. Then we can bring in Hawk via the draft. With LBs like Bulluck, Hawk and Witherspoon we should be able to really cause some havoc which would only improve how our CBs and safeties look. Their is absolutely no excuse for not trying to land one of the top OLBs in FA. It is by far our biggest need and fortunately it is an area that will have some very good players as well.

    I forgot this thread was about the 3-4. From a DL standpoint we have the guys that could play in a 3-4. Haynesworth can be a 2 gap NT, Long and Starks could both play DE. They both did some in college. From a LB standpoint though we would be in trouble, but our current LBs can't play a 4-3 either.
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    i was so hopeing Sirmon could be moved inside and Boiman could take his place, he's pretty fast.

    If this is possible then I think Safety is our biggest need on Defense.
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    I think LaBoy could play a LB slot in a 3-4. But we don't really have the stout DE's we would need imo.
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    follow up

    Thanks for your insight. I never took you as anti-Schwartz and I hope I didn't imply that. Do you see Schwartz making a move to HC somewhere in the next 2-3 years? Also, in that event would you see a more aggresive scheme implemented if there was the talent? Is getting that type of talent a FO priority?
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    Boiman is supposed to be a good pass rusher, but it didn't look like we tried to utilize him that way very often. Like it's been already said, with more speed at LB, we could do some of these tricky packages. We have used 4 LB's on the field at times, very rare though.
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