2nd Mock Draft Contest

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Broken Arrow, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow "We're not gonna be silly" - Mike Vrabel

    Since there was a good turn out for last years contest, thought I'd launch the Mock Draft contest once again this year. But there's a difference, this year's contest will be much simpler and less time consuming...

    Instead of ALL 1st RD PICK predictions... This years contest will handle all 7 picks of the Tennessee Titans only. And also will deal more with POSITION DRAFTED as opposed to EXACT PLAYER and will be coupled with another part(s) of the prediction to even out any "ties."

    Free Entry. Deadline for sign up is 4/01

    Top 3-5 scores (pending number of participants)

    Going to be coordinating with @TitanJeff once again over prizes.

    More details to come

    Comment to sign up and Reserve your spot (EDIT your post in the future to place in your picks)
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  3. titanthakur

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    Sure yolo
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  5. Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow "We're not gonna be silly" - Mike Vrabel

    Final Details Complete -


    Prizes to be awarded to TOP 5 Scores

    Moolah provided by TitanJeff

    1st- 1,500
    2nd- 1,000
    3rd- 500
    4th- 250
    5th- 150

    You may continue to edit (Reserve your spot now so all you have to do is edit your original post) your mocks up until A HALF HOUR BEFORE DRAFT TIME. After which no new edits will be allowed.

    Instead of like last year’s contest where Position, Player, and Order were all involved (making the contest more time consuming for tallying and participants) you will be scored primarily on POSITION DRAFTED in Rounds 1-7. (i.e. ILB, CB, etc. – Note: DE & OLB are categorized as one)

    Example: Rd 1 CB Rd 2 CB Rd 3 CB Rd 4 CB Rd 5 CB Rd 6 CB Rd 7 CB

    1st Rd is 3 points and Rounds 2-7 are 2

    Also, Bonus Points for Each Round (5) are awarded to anyone who also predicts the Correct Player.

    (Personally, I’m only doing Rd 1 and Rd 2 Player predictions, because the 3rd Rd on back is just always a mess lol)

    In the event Jon Robinson trades up or down, the scoring will only be applicable to the first 7 seven picks. If less than 7 picks are made, then the extra picks will be cancelled out for the entire field.

    There are two tiebreakers to ensure the scoring field pans out. Tiebreaker #1will be First Pick in 2nd rd selected (prediction) which is owned by CLE.. And Tiebreaker #2 will be 2nd pick in 3rd rd selected which is owned by NYG....

    ** Please do NOT include your tiebreakers into your public mock... Message them to me personally so as to prevent any 'copying.' ***

    (^ example: whoever's the closest in # of picks. Say one person picks Rashaad Penny to go first in second Rd. ... And he ends up going 8th... And another person picks Terrell Edmunds to go first... And he goes 4th....

    Reserve your Spot for Mock Edit and/or clarify that you're participating if you wait right down to the wire to input your Mock.
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