'21 Titans Coordinators: Who do you want?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jan 11, 2021.

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    Luke Fickell, Cincinnati HC

    Fickell is a proven defensive playcaller at the college level and he’s had some success as the head man in Cincinnati too, but the real reason he’s on this list is his relationship with Mike Vrabel. Fickell was Vrabel’s teammate at Ohio State and the best man in his wedding. The two former college roommates still run their 2nd and 7 charity together and Fickell gave Vrabel his first job in coaching in 2011 when Fickell was the interim head coach for the Buckeyes.

    Would the chance to team up with his good friend be enough to lure Fickell out of his own promising head coaching path in the college game?
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    Kris Kocurek, 49ers Defensive Line Coach

    Kocurek is widely credited with the break out success of the 49ers defense. His work with the talented defensive line in San Francisco helped the team jump from 21st in the league in sacks in 2018 to 4th in the league in 2019.

    The personnel certainly is a part of that jump — adding Nick Bosa to any defensive line will help the pass rush — but Kocurek’s reputation preceded him in this job. If the Titans defense could use anything, it’s a pass rush wizard.
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    DeMeco Ryans, 49ers Inside Linebackers Coach

    Ryans is another former NFL linebacker that is now considered a rising star in the coaching ranks. His work with young Niners linebackers Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw have been a huge part of San Francisco’s defensive success this season.

    Ryans, like several others in this category, lacks the playcalling experience right now, but everyone has to start somewhere.
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    Kris Richard, former Cowboys DB and Passing Game Coordinator

    Richard has been considered a potential head coaching candidate for years now, but Mike McCarthy has chosen not to keep him on as part of the staff in Dallas. He built his reputation as the defensive coordinator of some of the “Legion of Boom” defenses in Seattle under longtime mentor Pete Carroll.

    Richard is still highly thought of in NFL circles, but his preferred brand of Cover 3 attacking defenses might be what Vrabel has in mind
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    To me this two decisions are crucial for Mikev and Jrob.

    We might have to start to look at someone else.

    I for one have no idea who we should go after but that's not my job that's on them.

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    TE coach Todd Downing was an OC once so he's my guess for the job if Art bounces.
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    I think I am a fan of Patricia, I don't mind going with these younger guys trying to cut their teeth, but we seem to toe the line between one of the 'boys' and coach. We have enough of that with Vrabel.
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    So the day after our season ends, we start getting some clarity and lack of BS from the coaches/players.

    We have;

    Vrabel acknowledging the DC thing for once
    Byard saying Bowen 'looked like' the DC
    Saffold talking about Isaiah Wilson
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    As far as OC goes, I do want to see the same type of play calls we saw last year, and often throughout this year. Frankly, whoever takes this squad over is potentially walking into the best situation in the league imo. This offense has a 3 year window of effectiveness.

    We didn't see enough designed QB runs yesterday, I *really* feel like that was the most underused call yesterday. We have a few 3/4 and shorts and why would you not call those with a guy who can run the ball? My only real criticism yesterday.

    And I don't want to get away from Henry, but I really want to see Ryan throw the ball more and get AJ involved. Let AJ start to make his mark on this franchise and have teams starting worrying about him more than they already do.
  10. Dman5TX

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    Don’t think so. He’s going to be a candidate for some big gigs soon with what he’s doing at Cincy.
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