Breaking News 2023 NFL Draft: Pick 33, QB Will Levis, Kentucky

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 28, 2023.

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    If that’s his only issue that can be fixed. Will it ? I don’t know. But just to dismiss him this early wrong.
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    Levis hasn’t played in a regular NFL game yet. Give him a chance to develop. Too early for the eye test. Damn- tough crowd.
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    Levis has lifetime Mayo
  5. nbtoppers2

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    He didn't change after being coached by nfl coaches at Kentucky. I watched it. Plus, how many sacks did he take in his one appearance? 4?
  6. VondyP

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    tannehill is mid and gets us nowhere

    thems the facts

    if you think he's the best titans qb ever that is more of a testament to how absolutely awful this franchise is at finding a real qb

    levis probably wont work out. neither will the next guy most likely. doesn't mean im content just being 1 and done in the playoffs every year. clearly many of you in here are though.
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  7. HurrayTitans!

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    Current NFL QBs to make it “somewhere” (must be SB if conference championship is nowhere)

    Russ Wilson
    A-a-Ron Rodgers
  8. Ontario Titan

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    Make it nowhere consistently then would be nice lol
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  9. HurrayTitans!

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    Some people just don’t want to understand how much more is needed in the game than QB.

    titans are never and have never been a QB first team (maybe back in the Oilers day with Moon)

    so to expect any kind of production or dominance like a Mahomes is not realistic and never has been.

    the guys like who I quoted need to move on to another team or accept that this is what the titans are and maybe, just maybe, look at the statistical analysis of everything to see the titans have been extremely competitive even among the pass happy league, QB is not THE issue, it may be 1, but far from the biggest (OL).
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  10. Bucky0782

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    Oh good, somebody else posted a list so I didn't have to. Here's what I see in that list above, QBs who either won or got to a SB still on their rookie contracts, in bold. This is why I believe teams that chase QBs in the draft year after year don't win Super Bowls. I want the QB to be the final piece in the puzzle, NOT the first. That mentality is old think now. I want a decent OL squad, a decent WR squad, defense, etc, already in place when I get a QB.

    This article does a good job breaking it down;
    There’s an urgency to win in NFL while QB is on rookie contract. Here’s why

    Pat Mahomes won a SB in his third year, still in rookie contract. He's also the outlier to my argument given that he's continued to win even after being awarded the large contract. But I think that's a testament to just how good of a talent he is. Even still though, the Chiefs team was very much in place by the time Mahomes was drafted - and because they didn't have a lot of needs at the time, they positioned themselves to move up in the draft to take their QB.

    from the article;
    Russell Wilson took the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl championship in his second year. Like the Chiefs, they returned to the Super Bowl a year later and lost. With Wilson entering the final year of his four-year, $3 million rookie contract, the Seahawks gave him a four-year contract for $87.6 million in the off-season. They haven’t returned to the Super Bowl since then.

    Ben Roethlisberger took the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl and a victory in his second year in the league while still playing on his rookie contract of four years and $22 million. The Steelers gave him a big extension — six years, $88 million. He took the team to two more Super Bowl appearances, the last time in 2011 (a loss), and he played out the last 11 years of his career without a return to the big game.

    Eli Manning took the New York Giants to the Super Bowl and a victory in his fourth season (2007) when he was still on his rookie contract. He was awarded a huge contract extension — six years, $97.5 million. He made one more Super Bowl (four years later) and played the last 10 years of his career without another appearance.

    Jared Goff took the L.A. Rams to the Super Bowl in his third season

    Now there’s Burrow showing up in the Super Bowl in his second season still working on his rookie contract, a bargain-basement four-year, $36 million deal.

    Rich quarterback contracts might explain why Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre won only one Super Bowl each, or why Dan Marino appeared in the Super Bowl his second season and never again.

    All of this puts pressure on teams to win with young quarterbacks. The New York Jets have never been able to make this happen even though they have chosen six quarterbacks in the first two rounds of the last 16 drafts. They used the second overall pick of the 2021 draft to choose BYU’s Zach Wilson and agreed to a contract with a cheap cap hit of about $8 million. They won only four games. If Wilson doesn’t play well the next few years, the Jets of course won’t have to pay him a huge contract, but they won’t be any closer to winning, either.

    Look around the league at what percentage of a team’s salaries were devoted to the quarterback position in 2021: The Packers and Falcons — about 24%; the Vikings 22%; the Texans almost 20%; the Titans almost 19%; the Cowboys, Chiefs, Seahawks all in the 17% range. The two Super Bowl teams — Rams and Bengals — were 11% and 4%, respectively.

    So if I'm reading this right, Tannehill just this year will earn a base salary of $27 million and cap hit of $36 million, which is exactly what I don't want; a mediocre QB making a ton of money. The Cowboys wouldn't do it obviously, but in a perfect world I would have traded INTannehill (love that btw) for Cooper Rush, then signed him to a $15 million deal. He'd be my stop gap QB while I built up the team around him, then just as a the Chiefs shipped off Alex Smith, I'd send him packing while I traded up to grab my rookie QB and start the rookie contract stopwatch.

    (Tannehills #s btw came from this source)
    Ryan Tannehill.
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