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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Carp, May 6, 2021.

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    Just look at a potential top 10 player who is missing the season due to injury and you have your man. Simple math.
  3. Carp

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    Mid season update here:

    Tyler Linderbaum still extremely high on my list. Best center in the NCAA by a country mile. I know IOL isn't popular in the 1st round, but I think he's someone we'll have to consider if he's available.

    Ikem Ekwonu has also climbed into my top lists for OL. Most pancake blocks of any OL since the start of the 2020 season and a road grader at run blocking. He's viewed as an IOL in the NFL, but he's also been very successful as an OT in college, so he maybe someone that has versatility to play both positions.

    Brandon Smith at ILB is also playing his way into a 1st round pick. Probably the best pure ILB in the draft imo.

    Ventrell Miller is out for the year. He could still declare if he's viewed as a 2nd rounder or better. He could be this year's Simmons/Farley pick, but the 2nd round.

    Kolar and Wydermyer remain high on TE list. But Trey McBride has now climbed to the top of that list. Very athletic TE who is a beast of a blocker. Probably will be a mid rounder based on his school and overall mediocre body of work prior to 2021.
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  4. Carp

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    Early 4 round mock for me:

    1. Tyler Linderbaum

    3. Darrian Kinnard

    4. Trey McBride

    Ideally, we trade back in round 1 and pick up more picks. Of course ideally, we're also picking at pick 32.
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  5. Carp

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    1st mock draft. Only 5 rounds. Traded back to get picks a couple of times.

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