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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Carp, May 6, 2021.

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  1. TitanWally

    TitanWally Starter

    Iowa produces good tight ends...
  2. Chronos

    Chronos Pro Bowler

    And potatoes and corn
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  3. Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow Just a Fan....

    in terms of QB, I do not feel we're going to get even close to Malik Willis -- I feel he goes to Seattle, they do not have the Oline for a Kenny Pickett, so they better take a QB who can run for his life (Malik Willis) --- and then Pittsburgh takes hometown hero Kenny Pickett.

    with that said, Matt Corral gives us a bit better pocket presence and short accuracy -- Desmond Ridder has better deep accuracy. I would be happy with either, whether it be stick and pick at 26, or slip back a bit to add more draft picks.
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  4. Tricky

    Tricky Starter

    Corral is probably best case scenario for us. I think with a year behind a vet, he could easily end up the best QB in this class.
    I’ve been pounding the table for Howell, but that’s partly because I doubt Corral makes it to 26 and I don’t want to move up.
    If Corral is there at 26 I’m in!
  5. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Pro Bowler

    I think Ridder fits what the Titans do, better than any other QB in this draft. He would be best in a run first offense. I didn't like his tape at first when watching him, but he grew on me. Even if he's equal to what Tanne can do, he's cheaper for 5 years if we draft him in the 1st, so we can build around him until the time comes for the big contract.
  6. abc2330

    abc2330 Pro Bowler

    Tannehill has been a legitimate top 10 QB since taking over. I agree that we need to be looking to the future, but it's extremely unlikely we'll get comparable performance from a late 1st round QB. Hell, this QB class is terrible compared to last year's, and look how poorly those guys did.
  7. abc2330

    abc2330 Pro Bowler

    Hard to believe that Drake London is being mocked as the top WR, let alone in the top 10.
    It's not like he was a dominant WR who happened to run a bad 40 time like Kupp or Keenan Allen. He was a possession receiver who got no separation in a bad college conference. He looks like a less athletic Mike Williams, and basically every other top WR receivers high marks for their speed and athleticism.
  8. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    I agree with you…I won’t be surprised if he isn’t the 4th WR off the board
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  9. abc2330

    abc2330 Pro Bowler

    I imagine the 2 receivers from Ohio State and the one from Alabama will go before him. Maybe even Dotson from PSU. With so much focus on explosive WRs in recent years, and this draft featuring several of those guys, it's just odd. Maybe the analysts are just bored mocking the same thing for months
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Not open for further replies due to lack of activity. Consider opening a new thread instead.
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