2021 Titans Draft Grades

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What grade do you give the 2021 Titans draft?

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  1. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    I gave it a B+. I think Caleb Farley is the most talented CB we have ever drafted. He’s got a chance to be something we’ve never had, a true shutdown CB.

    I think Rashad Weaver can be a really good player too. I was surprised he fell as far as he did. He seems like a really good all around player and a guy who will definitely give 100% every opportunity he gets.

    I also like Molden. I think he can really be a solid slot corner for us. I’m super pumped we are going to be a man to man heavy team next year. Excited to see it.

    The rest of the picks I’m kinda meh on. I think Radunz will be a good player but wasn’t over the moon about him. Rice was kinda a head scratcher but Vrabel really talked about how he kept showing up when they were scouting someone else on Georgia.

    Our DB’s were overmatched last year and we brought in a lot of guys to help change that. Excited to see if the changes will work. If Farley can be that lockdown guy it makes it easier on everyone else.
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  2. TitanWally

    TitanWally Starter

    B+ for me too. So a definite pass. If a couple of the moves im not sure on (Fitzpatrick and Rice) turn out the way JRobs record in the 3rd-5th round suggests they will, then this is probably A territory.

    Did we get better? Yes. Did we get better at the positions fans wanted us to? Not necessarily (WR). But facts are we have a good chance to have 3, maybe 4 starters in week 1 from this class, maybe 5-6 by the end of the season.

    One thing I found interesting is Vrabel said to EVERY kid drafted on their phone call 'when you talk to the media its team team team, no talk about how other teams passed you up'

    I wonder how Farley felt hearing that, he was quoted as saying that any team that drafts a CB ahead of him will be punished.
  3. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    Dissapointing about some picks at the time but can't really judge it until down the road.

    Farley was a good pick, possibly one of the best CB's if his back is healed.

    Radunz was a need considering the Wilson pick, Im assuming he's the starter with Lamm as a backup? Hope so, other picks I'd rather of taken in 2 than a backup RT.

    Not sure about the Rice pick, trading down and missing out on Rodgers, a good option at slot WR was disappointing

    Molden a good pick, sounds like a baller

    I thought we gave up alot for Fitzpatrick but if he works out it will be forgotten by us all

    McMath and Breeze are late rounders so whatever

    I'm sure we will make some moves once cuts take place too
  4. TexasTitanFan

    TexasTitanFan Starter

    After a couple of days to process what happened,, I'm changing my grade from C to B-.

    We got some good players, it was just the order of the picks that made it look so messed up.

    If we took Farley, Radunz, Molden, then Weaver in the top 100, and the other guys later it would have seemed like a better draft with the same selections. Lol
  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I'll be honest and say Farley was the only player I knew of the Titans drafted and I was convinced the Titans wouldn't risk taking a guy with that injury history. JRob must have some docs he has a ton of faith in. Very risky.

    Since the draft, I see many of the picks are very questionable. Radunz had mixed scouting reports. Slow feet. Rice seems to be more a Brown clone instead of Evans. Molden gets solid reviews everywhere I've looked. Fitz looks great during the Senior Bowl after being underwhelming during the season. Weaver looks productive but didn't seem quick off the snap to me. McMath has the physical tools that production didn't reflect. Routes looked slow to me. Hopefully, he plays solid special teams and develops. Breeze seems like an effort guy who should help special teams.

    If Farley and Molden plug in and are productive, no way I give this draft less than a B even if everyone else tanks. If JRob also hits with Radunz and we see Fitz become a decent #2 by '22, the rest is gravy and JRob will have a draft that rivals any he's had to date.
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  6. Chronos

    Chronos Pro Bowler

    If Weaver is guilty JR drops a letter grade.
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  7. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    Why? Was there any reasonable way for him to possibly know about this?

    You guys act like GM is some all knowing clairvoyant.
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  8. Rwill

    Rwill Starter

    No, of course not, but failed is failed. End result is what matters, even if it is bad luck. Luck counts whether it is good or bad. Hopefully he will get "lucky" on some of these other picks that we dont know will turn out or not since he/we arent clairvoyant.
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