2020 College Football Season

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by The Hammer, Aug 3, 2020.

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  1. VondyP

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    rona season, **** happens
  2. jplusip

    jplusip Pro Bowler

    The Alabama Crimson Tide 2020 National Champions!!!!!!!!!

    I even went and bought a bunch of the National Championship gear after this one because, after some reflection, this really has been my favorite Alabama team. We went from a disappointing two years (due to expectations) with the "savior" Tua to unheralded Mac Jones becoming the true greatest QB in Alabama football history. Even DeVonta was in the shadow of players like Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs, and was kind of in the shadow of Waddle early on, before emerging as one of the greatest receivers of all time. And Najee just silently broke a whole bunch of rushing records at Alabama. And insane respect for Jaylen Waddle coming back from that injury to make some key plays in this game.

    Undefeated season with a full SEC schedule. Those seniors came back with a mission, and they accomplished it. So happy for this team. Just wish DeVonta hadn't gotten injured at the start of the second half; prior to that, he had more yards/TDs than the entire OSU offense. One can only imagine what all records would have been set had he not been injured. But even with the best player in college football off the field, and even with Mac Jones banged up, this team just pushed forward and left no doubt in anyone's mind who the greatest team this season was. Roll tide!!!
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  3. Riverman

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    No doubt. Defense rose up as well, Barmore beasted. Saban is a class act all around- runs the best program in football in the past 50 years. Rivals Bear Bryant as a coach.
  4. 10ACTyrant

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    A thought on the hot subject of Alabama ruining college football. Those people ignore the fact that this Bama season only happened because a group of (future millionaire) seniors came back to win a natty and finish out their degrees. Seems like something that should be applauded.
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  5. jplusip

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    Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. I haven't seen many articles complaining about Alabama, but I've seen enough.

    Then again, the only reason Alabama doesn't just win it every season is because stars leave early and Saban can't maintain coordinators to save his life. The 2020 Alabama team was pretty much a young NFL team on offense.

    Also saw an article calling out Alabama for letting Waddle play at all. I'm just thinking, "Really? The man set coming back and playing in the National Championship as his goal when he went down. The coaches let him play, but kept him extremely limited and didn't have him doing anything dangerous (e.g. returning punts, running deep routes). What were they supposed to do? Tell him to go **** himself?"
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  6. 10ACTyrant

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    the coaches literally met with waddle and his family before the game to fully discuss HIS decision, and he made it. dude was limping around from cramps. i'm sure he has zero regrets about it
  7. GoT

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    Canadian football is basically college football right...
  8. Hormesis

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  9. The Hammer

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    He plays for the "Edmonton Football Team"
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