2018 Draft (Titan Reg Season Thread)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Broken Arrow, Oct 20, 2017.

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  2. MariGOATa

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    And use Conklin as trade bait?
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    That's a thought as well, or perhaps Conklin could maybe move to guard. You can never have too many good linemen.
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    Are we even going to be in position to draft him? Im assuming he’ll be a top 10 pick, no,?
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    I doubt we will get him. His dad was a long time lineman in the NFL, He's started every game since he arrived as a freshman. ( No freshman ever starts on OL for Oklahoma). He probably will go top 5.. I was just thinking if we somehow could get him, without losing our great Tackles, and without giving up the farm. Just wishful thinking.

    I honestly think we are going for an elite pass rusher, but I really can't think of any off hand. I wish we would have gotten T J Watt last year, I really wanted him bad, and he's doing great for the Steelers.
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    Folorunso Fatukasi DT from Connecticut could be the answer to our NT woes. Dude is unmovable in running situations, and even has some pass rushing ability. Looks like a solid mid-round pick.
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    I just was looking up his stats, while searching for linemen for us to possibly draft. Orlando's dad played in the NFL. He was the lineman that got hit in the eye by the ref's flag that basically ended his career. He died in 2011 of diabetes.

    Jr looks like he's twice the size of the other lineman. I wish we had a high draft pick, He's going to be something special.

    I'm also looking at the one guard from Notre Dame.. I can't think of his name this early on the AM. He would be nice beside Lewan to open more holes, and.protect MM.
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    Conklin would make an unreal guard, and Spain is really mediocre at best. Wouldn't hate that at all, but I think the most important position is edge rusher. We need a few of those.

    Also, back up QB. We need to draft one this year. I don't want a 6th or 7th round nobody, we need to invest in one somewhere in the 3rd to 5th round. Someone who's a bit raw but can grow. Ideally finding someone similar to Dak Prescott when he came out that could be groomed and then traded away in 3-4 years, but also be a great backup in the mean time.

    And I'm not insane, I know starters don't grow on trees in the 3rd round. I just want a guy like what Dak was when he came out of college: a guy with question marks around his maturity, but showed a ton of athleticism and ability to throw the ball.

    Ironically, the QB from Miss State right now kind of fits what I'm talking about.
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    Walter Football.com shows

    I just saw a mock draft showing our 3round pick to be Colorado NT Derrick Nnadi. First round Colorado CB Isaiah Oliver.

    My sure fire pick is not one we need, but they have Orlando Brown LT Oklahoma going @ 30. To the Eagles to replace Jason Peter's,who might not make it back from his injuries.

    They have Hubbard going to Seattle@ 23.

    Anyone know about these Colorado players, and if they really could help us?