2017 is shaping up like it's 1999

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    The Rams in '98 go 4-12 to come back in '99 as an offensive juggernaut. They go 13-3 and are the team to beat in playoffs. The NFC talk of the town. The bucs have also come out hot after a mediocre 1998 season.

    Titans finish with an 8-8 record in '98 but come back with a 13-3 record the following season. The Titans scrapped their way with smash mouth football to that record and were still overshadowed. The Jaguars and their stifling D. The jaguars end up winning the divison by 1 game. The only team to beat the jaguars is the Titans though.

    The Bills have a tough divison leader in the Colts, causing them to take a WC.

    The stage is set.


    The Rams have come out of nowhere off a 4-12 record last season to an NFC offensive juggernaut. The Eagles coming off a mediocre 2016 are doing amazing in 2017. Them along with the Eagles are all the rave in the NFC.

    The young Titans have come off a 9-7 season shy of the playoffs. Hopes are this season they can. Currently tied for the division with the Jags. Titans are just battling to earn wins and are being overshadowed again. Overshadowed by a Jags team fielding the most dominant D.

    The bills are doing well but again are hiding behind a tough division leader in the Patriots.


    In 1999, the Titans go in facing the Bills. A close game the Titans scrap their way out of with a miracle. Next they go on to face the Bills tough divison leader, who again they pull out a close game. In the AFC championship they find the team who took the divison, the Jags. Titans defeat them handily, going to the super bowl. The Rams make it to the super bowl by beating a tough Bucs team.


    Midway through the season '99 could be happening in '17. The players are all lined up for it to happen in an eerily similar fashion.

    We have the Rams offense destroying week in and week out. We have the well balanced Eagles meticulously taking teams to the cleaners. Two NFC juggernauts in place.

    The AFC has the Titans once again scrapping by behind a smash mouth team, finding ways to win. They are overshadowed by the teal curtain that is the Jags D tearing teams to shreds. In the AFC east the Bills are again doing well with a strong divison leader in the Patriots.

    Will the rest of the season unfold to allow the past to happen again? Will we get to pull a miracle off in Buffalo, just hold on to beat their divison leader and go on to face our rival the Jags in the Championshp?

    Will the Rams and Eagles be able to make it to the NFC championship? If so can the Rams win?

    If for some reason we make it to the super bowl against on offensive juggernaut we aren't supposed to beat in the Rams, will second half Mularkey be able to get us back into the game? Will Mariota make sure to throw the ball into the endzone as time expires?

    We can only hope. It would be one of the greatest tales in the NFL if this somehow happened.

    TL;DR: Season and playoff picture that could form are looking scary similar to 1999.
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    Wishful thinking
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    this is mularkey's ceiling
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    Idk if it'll happen. All I'm saying is how spooky similar it is.

    Everything the Titans went through can happen. Even down to all the playoff teams we faced.
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    1-8 finish. New coach.

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    This thread looks familiar
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    at 5-3 with what we have seen is surprising.....
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    Titans v Rams Superbowl!!!

    Hope we don't come up 1 yard short
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    Don't you put that evil on us dave
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    Now let's take it a step farther ...

    The year before the Titans went to the SB, the Falcons lost the SB ... who lost the SB last year? That's right, the Falcons.

    2 years before the Titans went to the super bowl, the Broncos won the SB ... who won the SB 2 years ago? That's right, the Broncos