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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by titan_fan_4ever, May 1, 2016.

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  1. rekirts

    rekirts Starter

    He creates separation all the time. Hes not a burner but he creates plenty separation on the back shoulder throw and slants.

    I think he'll test fine. Somewhere between a 4.5-4.6 40. Which is pretty good for his size. I think he runs nfl routes pretty well.
  2. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    We don't need another Tajae sharpe. We have a number two and three receiver.

    We need the number one. The guy who is a home run threat. The guy who defenses have to roll coverage toward or double team. The guy that is money on third down.

    If they think Williams is that guy, draft him.
  3. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    I wasn't meaning him to be a #1...We need more than one more WR.

    PRAY IV M3RCY Pro Bowler

    I want us to grab a number 1 wr just because i dont want to see the buccaneers get the best wr in the draft lol
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  5. edward nigma

    edward nigma Starter

    "That's a negative ghostrider."

    Limited route tree, that is why the majority of his catches are on back shoulder throws. The back shoulder throw is a glitch in the matrix, you are catching the defense off guard that is why it is open (not because of separation).

    I agree he probably will run a 4.5 at the combine, but for a #1 that makes his living off of contested 50/50 balls (which he is good at) this does not make him a top 5 selection in this draft.

    If we traded back an acquired some extra picks then he would be a good selection, but not at 5.

    Notice how he has to make alot of contested catches:
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    I have never gone to the Senior Bowl though I am hoping to go in 2018. I live in NY so it's not close by. Now that they show you less and less of practices, it makes me want to go that much more!!!

    But yes, I watch it and the practices every year. The practices used to be much better to watch than the game but with less and less practice time shown on tv, makes it harder and harder without being there. That is the one week where I will read what other people write about the practices since I'm not there. It's funny though how some people have completely opposite ideas of who did well and who didn't.

    I especially enjoy the one v one's of the OL vs DL. It really calls them out since there is no scheme or help involved. Same with wr v cb and te v lb. You can really see who can cover and who's cheating (grabby grabby grabby). Same with the wr's who sometimes run triple moves...lol

    I think they should add another Bowl...something like SEC vs the World! Allow Seniors, Juniors, and Redshirt Sophs on both sides!

    Good stuff!!!
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  7. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    And Phillip Rivers!
  8. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    That's also a problem of not running a full route tree. He runs a lot of slants where he does get free (though not all the time) but a ton of go routes where it's either a jump ball which he usually wins or a back shoulder. If he ran more of a route tree we could better see if he can explode out of breaks and what routes he runs well to create separation.

    I think at the combine we'll either hear the neck is an issue or its not. The combine will be big for him I think!
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    @EmDiggy is at the east west game this week tweeting all kinds of good stuff for fans. If youre on twitter look him up, I think he goes to the senior bowl as well
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  10. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    If I remember correctly, I think the Senior Bowl now includes Junior's who have graduated too. Not sure about RS Soph's but I think they're opening it up some.

    And couldn't agree more about the drills. Deion Jones from LSU was a guy who stood out in the practices last year and it showed up on the field for the Falcons this year. It's amazing how quickly you can tell in those 1 v 1 drills who has it and who doesn't. That doesn't mean that player can't be a good Pro though, some guys will do more film study to get the edge. Others just have more talent. I love that week!
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