2016 Legal FA Tampering Period

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    What do you mean by that. You don't think Mack deserves more? Mack is younger, and has been to more pro bowls.

    I think Mack would cost way more to bring in, since Incognito's name is still smeared from bullying.
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    Mathis was the best guard last year... look how it went for him.
  3. The Playmaker

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    I'm not linking but just posting news/rumors I've seen since the start of the period.

    -Seahawks going after Mario Williams

    -Mitchell Schwartz getting most interest from Bucs, Giants, Falcons, and Vikings (this one came from a Cleveland site and this doesn't make sense for a couple teams so yeah)

    -Cardinals making huge push for Bruce Irvin, Jags and Falcons also in it

    -Vikings reached out to Reggie Nelson

    -Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxell traded to Miami

    -Falcons big interest in Alex Mack, Jaguars backing off

    -Eagles also placed Ryan Mathews on trading block

    -Dashon Goldson released by Redskins, Jeron Johnson as well.

    -George Iloka pursued by Giants, Falcons, Lions, Vikings, and Bengals.

    -Browns going after Marvin Jones

    -Cardinals pursuing, along with Irvin, Mario Williams, JPP and Tamba Hali

    -Titans early lead for Damon Harrison, mentioned as interested in Oliver Vernon as well

    -RG3 released, maybe Victor Cruz now

    -Lamar Miller wants Murray kinda deal but hearing more likely 4-5 mil per year

    -Terrance Knighton won't be retained

    -Brandon Marshall (ILB) pursued by Seahawks and Dolphins

    -Seahawks pushing to re-sign Russell Okung

    alright that's about it for now
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    According to Terry McCormick, Titans have not yet reached out to Mitchell Schwartz. Don't want to seem to eager/needy? Hopefully that's the case...
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    Olivier Vernon just doesn't make sense unless they think Morgan won't fully recover from that shoulder injury.
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    I don't get it either but that's what one of the NFLN guys tweeted so I had to throw it in there.
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    I really don't understand going after Vernon unless he is able to make the switch to OLB. Only way this makes sense though is if the Titans feel that Morgan could maybe move inside and play ILB the same way that Clay Matthews did. It would really help with run defense and pass rush, especially if we can get Damon Harris.
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    We currently have an estimated ~$47M in cap space from what I can find. Let's say we sign Damon Harrison for about $7M/year, Vernon for $10M/year, and Mack for $8M/year. We'd still have about $22M in cap space depending on how the contracts are worked, if they're front or back loaded. (I'm just using average numbers because it's impossible to know right now how the contracts would be structured)

    Now obviously this is a pipe dream, but even with getting those 3 monster players at pretty high rates, we'd still have tons of cap space to work with for other secondary players. So maybe it does make a little more sense why we're going after a guy like Vernon... we have money to play with and maybe Amy is opening the check book?
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    Makes sense to me. Both starting olbs for the Titans have a history of injuries. One isn't as effective as two. We saw that when Morgan went down. If they both manage to stay healthy next season and Vernon is signed then they could be put in a three man rotation, giving them all about an equal amount of snaps. They wouldn't wear down as bad by the end of the game. Plus, if one goes down there is another excellent pass rusher there to step up. I'm all for it. The cap room is there. Can't have too many good players on a team.
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    Guessing Morgan can't play a 3-4 DE at all? Would be a beastly pass rush.

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