2014 Vegas Odds for Titans (Over/Under)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RavensShallBurn, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Let's hope b/c Coty S. is not a everydown corner. I don't know about wreh-wilson though. Hopefully he can be.
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    Britt hardly took snaps.
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    He was better than Palmer. Even you can't deny that.
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    Not early in the year
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    For what like 3 games! One could argue he helped us win games b/c when he was getting reps, we were 3-1. Just saying. Don't actually believe it.

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    Yea IDK who was worse, both about as bad as you'll ever find in the pros
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    Who was the center in those first 3 wins?
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    Trying not to look at this team as a 'homer' or a 'hater', this is what I see compared to last year
    (+ = better than last year, 0 = same as last year, - = worse than last year)

    Coaching staff (++)
    With Whiz taking over, I think we will have much better and more creative play calling. I also think he will just be better at running an NFL team, and knowing what it takes to prepare week to week.

    OC should be an improvement as well since Whiz will have a lot of input there. Loggains was inexperienced as an OC and playcaller, but he couldn't really rely on Munch for support since Munch also had zero experience.

    DC will be a slight improvement IMO. Sure Jerry Gray sucked, but the Gray/Williams combo wasn't that bad. Plus we are changing systems, there will most likely be at least some growing pains there. However, I don't think there will be as much growing pains as some believe, and I think we can use the fact that no one in our division will have faced this new scheme before to our advantage.

    QB (0)
    I see some good things, and some bad things. Ultimately I think they cancel out and our QB situation isn't much better or worse ...

    The good (+): Locker will have a little more exp under his belt, and he will also return healthy for the beginning of the season (hopefully). When Locker played, he looked like he was progressing, and under a better coaching staff I think his progression should continue. I also don't think that changing OCs will hurt as much as some have claimed. I mean sure, it would be best case to have some stability at OC if you have a GOOD OC, but Jake has had crap OC's since he got here. So IMO the sooner he gets a real OC the better.

    The bad (-): Depth ... we have none as of right now. And we can't really expect Jake to stay healthy all year with his injury history. So a backup will be playing at some point. I really don't expect Whitehurst to provide much of anything if Locker goes down. And even if we do draft someone in the 1st 2 rounds, I don't really expect them to be much better than Fitz right out of the gate. With rookies you have to expect rookie mistakes. Costly turnovers, miscommunications, growing pains, etc.

    RB (0 / -)
    I know everyone talks about the whole "addition by subtraction" thing with CJ, but I'm just not seeing it with who we have at RB right now. Even if CJ isn't here to stall drives, I really don't see Battle and Greene doing much better. So until the draft I can't say that we improved at all. If anything, I could say this is a minus. I honestly see Greene and Battle averaging about the same ypc as CJ did last year, but they arent the homerun threat at all. So until we draft someone, this is a (0 / -) for me

    I know we have DMC now to add to the mix, but I think he will factor into the passing game more than the running game.

    OL (+)
    I think the biggest (+) here is getting quality coaching at the position. Bruce Matthews was a terrible "buddy system" hire, which IMO was one of Munch's biggest down falls. I don't think that Warmack was ever going to reach his potential under Matthews.

    Also the fact that we are returning several starters this year should be good for cohesion of the OL, which I believe of the utmost importance on the OL ... Replacing Stewy with Oher is a move in the right direction as well.

    WR (0/+)
    Getting rid of KB is addtion by subtraction. And I think DMC will provide an extra wrinkle to the passing game we haven't seen before. Kendall Wright should only get better, and Nate will do his thing as always. I am also really excited to see Hunter with a year under his belt.

    If we can keep the position healthy, then I think this is an easy (+) ... however, we lack some depth right now. And as we have seen over the last few years at QB and OL, depth is incredibly important in this sport ... That is the only reason I give this a (0/+)

    DL (-)
    As of right now, I have trouble seeing this DL as taking anything but a step back, and honestly this is my biggest worry of the team right now. We have taken our best player (casey) and moved him to a position that he may or may not play well in. And I do not see a true starter at NT on our roster right now.

    Basically every position on the DL is a huge (?) for me right now. I think this could be a big isssue this season. The DL is the foundation of the defense. No matter how good your CBs and LBs are, they will struggle with out a good DL in front of them.

    LB (+)
    We no longer have a HS coach coaching our LBs, so that is a (+) ... We have also signed a lot of guys at this position, and moved some others there possibly as well (Morgan/Wimbley). I think we are pretty solid at LB right now

    CB/S (0)
    Returning everyone expect for Verner. I loved Verner, but I think he can be replaced. He wasn't a super star and we have some talent waiting in the wings (where guys like verner and Finny have waited before) so I am not that concerned about his replacement.

    Sp teams (0)
    Return game should be a (+) but kicking game is a (?) ... So for now I can't say if we have gotten better or worse.

    Overall I would say we are slightly improved (mainly due to coaching). I would take the over on 6.5. I see around 7-9 or 8-8 type year unless some things go our way (fingers crossed)
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    Obviously he was not there in 2012. That's the point I was making.
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