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    I cant help but get the feeling this generation of players simply doesn't give a crap. The men from the late 90's early 2000's Titan teams played with a different fire inside. These chumps today have no heart. Hopefully Webster gets us the right types of players.
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    I feel the same way.

    ****ing kids
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    I don't think the players have changed as much as we want to believe. The truth is that we as fans and how the media covers athletes are what have changed so radically.The access we have to every little detail of their lives ruins the mystique that used to surround great players. I remember watching the "You don't know Bo" 30 for 30 and realizing that we'll never have a near mythical sports figure like Bo ever again.

    If some of the guys we most revere played in this era I guarantee that sh*t would come up that would change our perception of them. I remember that the whole McNair scandal rocked my world because the man seemed like such a classy, principled guy. I never saw that coming and to be honest it kind of ruined Steve for me. Lawrence Taylor would likely not be Lawrence Taylor. He probably would have ended up in jail before his career ended.
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