2013 Record/Playoff Predictions

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    I think we start off with a bang, beat pitt and houston. Lose a little bit of momentem go maybe 1 for 3 with KC-jets-rams (this will be the locker-knockers time to bltch) , and then the team gels and goes gangbusters thru the end of the season.

    May have trouble with 49ers, but I have a feeling Kaepernick may have a sophomore slump.

    Just have a gut feeling.
  2. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    Titans were 6-10 last year with a trash and oft injured OL. A completely inexperienced QB (that was also injured) ... and we were royally screwed out of 2 Colts games, so we are very easily 8-8 last year.
    A few things are for sure ... Our OL will be better. It may or may not not be elite like we hope, but it will be BETTER than last year (can't get worse right). Jake Locker will be better. Again, he could be great, average, or below average, but as long as he is healthy, he should at least be BETTER than last year.
    So considering that we should've been 8-8 last year, and we are almost guaranteed to improve in some areas, I would say we should be at least 9-7 or 10-6
  3. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Logically, that makes sense.... but you never know with football.
  4. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    Also I don't like to predict the outcome of each individual game because we almost always lose some we should win/win some we should lose or a good team becomes bad/bad team becomes good. I think it also introduces some extra bias into the predictions (eg. FISH FACE SUCKS THATS A MUST WIN!!!) ... what I like to do is break down the schedule into 3 categories. Easy wins (win 75% of these games), intermediate games (50/50), and hard games (win 25%).
    so then you just calculate the wins: (0.75)*(# easy games) + (0.5)*(# intermediate games) + (0.25)*(# hard games) = total wins (+/- 1 win)
    Easy Wins (5 or less wins last year)
    Oak, Jags x2, KC, Az
    intermediate games
    Jets, Colts x2, Pit, SD, STL, Hou (home)
    Hard games:
    Hou (away), SF, SEA, Den
    So for the way I break it down, we get 8.25 +/- 1 wins
  5. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    The first two games i do think we start in an early hole from having two losses on the road to Pittsburgh and Houston.I do think this could be the year that we finally beat the San Diego Chargers.The Chargers first game will be a hard fought contest against the Texans then they go all the way to the east coast to play Philadelphia in week two before coming down to Nashville to play us in week three.I think the Chargers will be tired and we will finally get a W. 2-2 is likely to be our record after we have no problem defeating the Jets at our field.Week five will be Kansas City's third road game and we catch them after they've played Dallas,Philly and the N.Y. Giants ironically all teams Andy Reid knows plenty about already after coaching in the NFC East.The K.C. game might be a bit tougher now that they actually have a QB that can play.I do think that they will improve in 2013 but i think we get the W and improve to 3-2.

    The final two games before the bye are killer because we play two of the best teams out of the NFC back to back.We must travel to Seattle to face Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin but they also have a good defense too.I expect the Seattle game to be hard fought but not sure if we get out with a win although Seattle will be coming off a long road trip to Houston and Indy so we could catch them when they are tired from the travel but i think we will be 3-3.Finally we get the 49ers right before the bye at home but they will be fresh too coming off a two game homestead against Houston and Arizona.WR Crabtree will not be playing due to injury but the niners are expected to plug in someone maybe Moss in that spot.Colin Kaepernick will try and give our defense all kinds of headaches but i think we will contain him well.Call me crazy but i think we will catch the 49ers at a good time for us and we come out of it with a close victory and a 4-3 record headed into the bye.

    After the bye our first opponent is a grudge matchup on the road against our former head coach Jeff Fisher.They will be coming off a short week after playing Seattle on a Monday night not to mention two road games prior to that against Houston and Carolina.I think we could catch them when they are tired from the short week not to mention playing a hard fought division game against Seattle.This game could come down to the wire but i expect us to win moving to 5-3.We now have a two game home slate and the first game is against Jacksonville coming off its bye.We shouldn't have any problems and i think we go to 6-3.Now the Indy game i expect the Colts to fight us to the very end in a close one but we avenge our OT loss from a year earlier and win.

    We are now 7-3 heading into a three game road trip.We travel to Oakland to face the Raiders but we catch them tired from a grueling two game trip where they faced N.Y. Giants on the east coast followed by another physical matchup at Houston before heading home to face us.I think we go to 8-3 heading into a hard fought division game on the road at Indy.The Colts will be coming off a two game road trip against us and a trip out west to Arizona.I expect us to lose in a close one falling to 8-4 before heading into the last of our three straight road games against Denver.The Broncos last three out of four games were on the road including games at New England and a division test at Kansas City.Despite all of that i expect to play them hard but lose falling to 8-5.We then play a home game against Arizona and they now have Carson Palmer throwing to Larry Fitzgerald.I think this one could end up being one of those shootout games like we had against Detroit in 2012.I think we win putting us at 9-5 heading into a road game at Jacksonville.We are the last of three straight home games the Jags play but i expect us to walk out with a W and 10-5.Our final game is at home against Houston in a game i think will be for the division.I think it will be a very physical hard fought game we lose in a close one.

    I think we end the year at 10-6 and wild card playoff berth........
  6. Titandude

    Titandude Stand Up Guy!

    I don't want to be accused of being a homer, so I will guess that the Titans go 0-16 and fire the entire coaching staff and release every player at the end of the year!
  7. TitansWillWin2

    TitansWillWin2 Starter

    I'll have a pretty good idea after pre season!
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