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    A good column up now on SI.com. Predictions from Chris Burke with predictions for 2013. Not the Chris Burke from Life Goes On: [​IMG] This Chris Burke: [​IMG]

    Included are predictions for where certain QBs may land next year:

    Michael Vick -- Buffalo: Chan Gailey has a history of success with mobile quarterbacks, so that's positive sign No. 1 for this setup. The other big selling point? Buffalo, despite its record, is not in a rebuilding mode -- this team wants to win and win soon. Vick has his warts, but he may be the best option for that goal.
    Alex Smith -- Philadelphia: What the Eagles do at QB next season will depend plenty on who is the head coach. A Chip Kelly-type might need a more mobile guy than Smith. But in a pro-style system, with Philadelphia's talented corps of offensive weapons, Smith could be solid for a season or two while Nick Foles gets more time to develop.
    Mark Sanchez -- New York Jets: Sorry, Jets fans. But after mulling it over, my guess is that the money Sanchez is owed makes it too hard to cut him. So, instead, the Jets will keep him around for 2013 and try to add a legitimate No. 2 option to compete for the job.
    Tim Tebow -- Jacksonville: The door can only open on this possibility so many times before it happens. Tebow might be intriguing as a backup for a team with some read-option concepts (Carolina, San Francisco, etc.), but he could legitimately challenge for a job in Jacksonville. And that's even if the Jaguars use a 2013 draft pick on a QB.
    Kirk Cousins -- Washington: Cousins will be a hot trade-market name come the offseason. Considering his cheap contract, though, the Redskins ought to keep him around as backup. And here's a bonus prediction: He starts at least once in 2013, because RGIII does not make it through the season injury-free.

    Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20121227/nfl-2013-predictions/#ixzz2GAOXFqsr

    Rest of the article here:
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