2013 Draft Possibilities

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by satkins2252, May 1, 2012.


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    Not enough production either

    Our team doesn't need another Damian Williams

    that second 3rd rounder and even 4th rounder can be used for a better player, I'm not a fan of blowing it on some average at best WR that isn't an upgrade anywhere on this team
  2. xpmar9x

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    His production isn't bad considering they're a run first offense.. and have you seen his QB throw the ball, he's Tim Tebow v2.
  3. steverife

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    Harper is a beast. I'd be fine with him.
  4. Sonic28

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    I like KW, but I really wish we wouldn't have gone WR last year, so we could grab Cordarrelle Patterson in this draft. This kid is just oozing potential and I feel like whoever chooses him will have a top 5 playmaker in the NFL within 2 years.
  5. xpmar9x

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    Draftek released a 7 Round Mock. http://www.drafttek.com
    I've noticed that Drafttek is a little bit different compared to the mainstream mock drafts. Willing to take risks, and sometimes they've gotten them right... like Bruce Irvin flying up on draft day, drafttek guess that. They also strike alot too, but here's what they have for us:

    1st Round - Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
    2nd Round - Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford
    3rd Round - Tank Carradine, DE, Fla St
    4th Round - Alex Hurst, OT, LSU
    5th Round - Chrstine Michael, RB, Texas A&M
    6th Round - Don't own a 6th
    7th Round - Devin Street, WR, Pitt

    Notes: In the 2nd Poyer, Elam, Barrett Jones, Frederick, & Short were all available. In the 1st Round, Star & Warmack were still on the board!

    Could be:
    1st Round - Star Loutleli, DT, Utah
    2nd Round - Barrett Jones, C, Bama
    3rd Round - Tank Carradine, DE, FL St
    3rd Round - Da'Rick Rogers, WR, TN Tech (comp for Finny)
    4th Round - DJ Swearinger, S, South Carolina
    5th Round - Christine Michael, RB, T A&M
    6th Round - XXX
    7th Round - Braxton Cave, C, Notre Dame

    That would be an A+++++++++ draft IMO. Target a FA OG and SS, and we'd be set.

    Keep in mind, again, DRAFTTEK can be crazy. Like having Kyle Long, Kevin Reddick, and Zeke Motta going in the 6th Round. Or Ryan Nassib/Matt Barkley in the 3rd, even though they deserve that grade, teams reach for QBs.
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  6. NFLDraft101

    NFLDraft101 Camp Fodder

    Potential WR prospect for the Titans in the 2013 NFL Draft?

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  7. NFLDraft101

    NFLDraft101 Camp Fodder

    Possible 3rd round pick for the Titans in the 2013 NFL Draft?

    Larry Warford - OL - Kentucky

  8. xpmar9x

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    I'm a big fan of Harper. I think we could gobble him up with a 3rd or 4th rounder. As for Warford, he'll be gone before our 3rd. If we want him, better take him in the 2nd.
  9. ScotTitan

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    Using that Drafttek material, mine would be this:

    1. Star DT
    2. Elam SS
    3. Alvin Bailey G (Can play LG or RG)
    3(c). Da'rick Rodgers WR
    4. Brandon Jenkins DE
    5.Kevin Reddick MLB(Steal)
    5(c). David Bass DE
    7. Zeke Motta SS
    7(c). Graham Pocic C
    Comp pick reference, this is the guy that guess it right every year, says we are getting a 3,5,7 in comp picks.
    Resign: Cook(Tag), Velasco, Bironas, Diles, Lutui, Wyn
    Release: Amano, Babineaux
    Restructure: Hasselbeck

    Louis Vasquez RG (6m)
    Chris Ivory RB (3m)
    Antonio Cason CB (3m)
  10. NFLDraft101

    NFLDraft101 Camp Fodder

    Potential SS prospect for the Titans in the 2013 NFL Draft?

    Shawn Williams - DB - Georgia

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