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  1. GoT

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    the amazing part was the Myans knowledge of the Gregorian calendar!
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  2. Puck

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    several things may or may not coincide with Dec. 21, 2012

    one thing astronomers know, there will be a grand celestial event around that time, one that happens only once every 24,000 ? or so years. This one will be that the Sun lines up with the galactic center of the Milky Way, which is supposed to reak all sort of gravitational and magnetic havoc

    2 possible collisions a) the death planet Nibiru b) the asteroid Apophis

    there could also be an event that includes the moon's orbit, which will affect our tides
    there's also mention of a shifting of the polarity of the poles

    this is not some loony anti-christ returns prophecy

    there are people with much higher intellect than ours calculating certain celestial events, which the Maya were masters of

    speaking of the Gregorian calender, the Mayan calender is said to be more accurate despite being hundreds of years olders
  3. __pg

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    I find things like this pretty interesting. Actually just watched a show on History about the 2012 deal last night.

    good old wikipedia find
    aww shucks
  4. It's just another disaster movie. Maybe it will be good, maybe it will be bad. You never know. But I did like the teaser.

    As for the Mayan calendar thing, I think it's more like the end of the cycle and it begins again rather than the end of the world.

    Either that or the Mayan version of the Y2K bug...
  5. jdog

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    The MesoAmerican calendar was set up in ages and 2012 does coincide with the last age. The predictions were that the end of the final age would signal great change which could mean almost anything.
    Not being an astronomer I can't say for sure what may happen but I did ask an astronomer and he said he knew of nothing out of the ordinary.
    I have read that this alignment does take place however the galaxy being a little large makes it an 1100 year process.
    The only sobering fact is that the Mayan and others of that era had unexplained accurate knowledge.
    By the way if the world does end let me say that I hate you all , otherwise disregard this last statement.:ha:
  6. The Mayans may well have based their calendar on astronomical cycles, but that doesn't mean that at the end of the cycle the world will end.
  7. nickmsmith

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    The Mayans should have predicted a way to stay alive.
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  8. Hoffa

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    Good point, the end of the world came a long time ago for them...
    ...unless they come back on spaceships in 2012...
  9. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    which reminds me... I caught Snakes On A Plane on HBO last night... :ha:
  10. A fine documentary if ever I've seen one...
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