2012 NFL Season Predictions

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    My early super bowl prediction is..........San Francisco vs. Pittsburgh
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    Assuming 49ers keep Jim Harbaugh, they could be competing for the Super Bowl for years to come. If they get a great QB, watch out.
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    I'll bump this thread after training camp :)
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    New Orleans Breesuses vs New York Tebows
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    The bounty hunters vs the foul mouthed fatties!
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    I love my Titans more than anything in the world.

    But, Ravensshallburn is being a huge Homer Simpson on this thread. 2013 will be our year though, trust me...
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    Yea, I said I wasn't being completely unbiased. I don't expect us to make the AFC Championship this year, but crazy things happen. Not unrealistic IMO. The AFC is pretty weak and wide open.
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    Here are my 2012 Predictions, rather than post just who I think will win division and playoff games, I went deeper. Enjoy this very long post

    AFC South:

    -Titans: Locker doesnt start season but takes over after week 4. CJ returns to being top RB but doesnt reach '09 numbers but hits better than '10. Britt plays entire season and while getting banged up doesnt have to miss an entire game. Team wins at least 10 games and win Division or at least Wild Card. If everyone is healthy, no reason they don't make a real run at Super Bowl in playoffs.
    -Texans: Foster continues his run at top RB until getting mid season injury taking him out at least 3 games. AJ also doesnt play the entire season and has another injury keeping out at least half the season. Schaub returns to play whole season but without primary weapons in Foster & AJ, combined with decline in D from key injuries to LBs & D-Line create losses and open Division up for Titans. Team still has Talent so I believe a playoff spot of some kind is possible. And should none of these predicted injuries happen, they could win Division. But lose in playoffs again.
    - Jags: Another year of an ok D and one sided O will leave the Jags out of playoffs with losing season. I say no more than 6 or 7 wins. MJD has injury that keeps him from all 16 games much like 2010.
    - Colts: What can I say? When I say the Colts will Suck, its not just because I hate them like the past, but they will truly suck like last year. While Luck is an upgrade from their QB options last year, his O-line, RB, WRs, & TE are all sub-par and their D is not much better either. The future is unknown, but 2012 is an easy COLTS SUCK! prediction. I see them getting another top 3 draft pick in 2013.

    AFC East:
    -Pats: Team is probably the easiest team to predict each year because they proved last year that even with the worst D in league, they can still win 13 games. As long as Brady is healthy, they will always be in playoffs. How well they do is unknown at this point, but much like the Colts were with Peyton, they always go with Brady at QB. I for one can't wait for him to leave like Peyton.
    -Jets: The Tebow circus will be fun to watch, but will not mean victories in 2012. While they might surprise us randomly some weeks. I don't see them getting to playoffs. Which will put Ryans job in jeopordy, I believe the Titans will put Tebow in his place when he plays at LP Field on MNF for first time in his career.
    -Bills: Believe it or not, I think the Bills have a real shot at a winning season. But it will come down to two things. One is their team on both sides staying healthy and two Fitzpatrick plays like he did beginning of last year. Its not that hard, but seems to be for Bills. They have enough talent to even beat the Pats as they showed last year, but they have to be consistent the whole season.
    -Miami: Tied for worst team in NFL in my opinion. They don't have a QB, Reggie Bush is only real RB and once again they have a whole new coach with all new system. Just not enough talent to start all over again. And with no QB, they might win 3 games. Another top 3 draft pick in 2013.

    AFC North:
    -Steelers: I believe they will finally begin to show decline from previous years. Their D is getting old, and anyone of their stars could go down with injury including Big Ben much like last year. They don't have a solid RB anymore and showed their weakness to the likes of Tebow at the end of last season. It wouldn't surprise me if they didnt make playoffs next year.
    -Ravens: This might be their last chance at a Super Bowl with their top D. Both Lewis and Reed are really old, both could easily got down for entire season with injury. They already lost their best D player in Suggs for the whole year, and I personally think Flacco will never be good enough to win games for them without their top D. So they only do well if their D stays healthy and can play well without Suggs. Its very possible they make playoffs either.
    -Browns: Another year, and another losing season but they made some good moves that should make for the building blocks for a better future. With the decline of the Ravens and Steelers in the next few years, the Browns could be the next leader of the AFC North, but not this year, and not with McCoy or an old Rookie leading the way at QB. Their D is still just ok right now, so I don't think they do any better than 6 games. If Richardson and help play well, they might surprise to 8-8 season which would be an improvement over the past years.
    -Bengals: This is my surprise pick to win the AFC North in 2012. They are very young all over the field, and remind me of the Titans as far as their talent in key positions. Injuries will matter, but if what I think happens to Steelers and Ravens comes to play, no one is left but Bengals.

    AFC West:
    -Chargers: The Norv years about to end after 2012. Rivers & Mathews are about all that is positive about their O. Gates is getting old, and without a top WR anymore, Ds will be keying on him bad. Their D is a shadow of what it was a few years ago, and I don't think they have kept pace with the rest of the division. They might go 8-8 or worse next year. And I think they lose to Raiders & Broncos twice.
    -Chiefs: If, and I do mean IF, they can stay healthy at key positions, then I see no reason they don't make a run at the playoffs. They have alot of young talent, and Cassel is not terrible when the rest of the team steps up. If they lose Cassel, Charles, & Berry again next year, no way they have a chance.
    -Raiders: Another possible playoff team here as they also have alot of young talent. In past years, they have shown they can beat any team in the division, so if they can stop Peyton (or Peyton doesnt last all season) then I also think they could be a sleeper team this year. Will also come down to how well Palmer plays. They gave up the bank to get him, so its a must they get their money's worth.
    -Broncos: As of now, they are the clear favorite to win the division again with Peyton leading the team. Their D is also young and showed they can play well against all different types of Os last year. If Peyton protects his neck, Broncos are easy lock to win division. I see the AFC West being a total toss up much like last year.

    NFC East:
    -Giants: I think they got lucky last year. They do have talent, but they also have weaknesses. And if you look at past years, if their D line goes down, they blow on D. So that will come into play. As of now, they already lost Nicks for the entire rest of off season, and I know that will bother him throughout the rest of the season. He also loses a lot of his conditioning, so I could totally see the Giants not only not winning division, but also its possible they don't even make the playoffs.
    -Cowboys: Oh boy, how do you predict this team. They have so much talent on the O side, they should be as good as the Pats, but Romo is no Brady. And they seem to choke in the 4th a lot. But I think if they can get some division wins, they have a chance, but its the Cowboys, so we all know they won't make it.
    -Redskins: I see this team as the Panthers only a better D. And an unknown QB at this point. But if RGIII is all that he should be. They will make alot of noice this season. With on tape or way to plan again him at this point, the Skins could suprise a few weeks. And if enough of them go their way, I could see a possible wild card. But the more likely outcome will be an 8-8 season.
    -Eagles: I think if Vick plays all season, and their D plays as good as it should be. There is no reason they don't win Divisison and maybe top seed in NFC. The more likely outcome will be they do well with Vick, then Vick gets hurt, and they lose both games and momentum leaving division open to the rest. Another very hard division to predict, but talent wise, its the Eagles to lose.

    NFC North:
    -Packers: Another amazing year on offense with Rodgers means wins. Their D looked terrible last year and only allowed them to win games by creating turnovers. If the turnovers stop, they stop winning. Plan and simple. Doesnt mean they dont make playoffs, but I can seem them losing the division to another team.
    -Bears: They made it to NFC Championship just two years ago, and I believe they have more talent now. So if Culter and Marshall can do what they did in Denver and they get Forte settled, they could be a top NFC team. But its all uncertain, so I could also see an 8-8 season.
    -Lions: Much like the Bills, I believe the have enough talent to be a top team in NFC, but unlike the Bills, their O is MUCH better and Stafford has become a top 5 QB in the league. If they all stay healthy, and their D plays without off the field issues, they could easily win the division. Yes I said it, the Lions have a real chance to win the NFC North for first time in a decade.
    -Vikings: My other tied for worse team in NFL. Much like Miami, they are in need of talent right now. AP is coming off major surgery. They have a young QB with no help around him. WRs are a bunch of nobodys and they play in a division that are all way better than they are. No way they should beat anyone on paper. You could be seeing the WORST team in the NFL right here. If I were to put $ down, Vikes get #1 pick next year draft.

    NFC West:
    -49ers: I see no reason why they not only win the division but return as top of the NFC with at least 12 wins if not more. Their D should still be amazing, they added a bunch of new WRs to give Smith more chances, and I see the only thing holding the team back from winning the Super Bowl is Smith. I don't know if their D is good enough when Smith plays bad. And they have to stop turning over the ball. Plus Gore is old, so its no lock. But right now, easy to predict based on talent and division strength.
    -Rams: Not good enough to beat the 9ers, they are still going to need a few more drafts to build a team around Fishers vision. When he took over for the Oilers, they werent good for like 4 years until he got McNair, George etc. So he is doing the same thing here. I think they win more games than last year, but they don't have a chance in 2012.
    -Seahawks: I like what Pete is doing in Seattle. But I don't see Flynn being the answer. So much like last year, they will be at the mercy of their QB play. So I cannot imagine more than 8 wins next season.
    -Cardinals: So much talent on both sides, yet Kolb is their answer at QB. Much like the Hawks, they will only go as far as Kolb will take them. If they win games they shouldnt its because of random luck or Special Team play, much like last year. They will not make playoffs with Kolb at QB. My hope is they lose a bunch and they draft a new QB in next years draft.

    NFC South:
    -Saints: Any other year, and I would always give this team the tops spot just based on Brees and coach Sean. But if the season started today, they would have no QB, their coach would be a nobody, and their D would well, be scared to even play. Even if they get Brees fixed by season, their off season drama can only have a negative effect while they go the entire season with their headcoach. If they by random luck make the playoffs, it would only be because of Brees, but I think they lose a bunch of games they wouldnt normally.
    -Falcons: I honestly think with the Saints being out of the picture. They can retake the divison like is 2010 all over again. They have a lot of talent, and if their D can hold up. I see them easily winning the division.
    -Panthers: While I see them winning more games than last year, they are still a few years away from taking over the division. Newton was a nice surprise. Reminds me of a more talent and more intelligent VY, but now they have tape on him, so I don't think he does as well last year. The Titans sure put him in his place last year. LOL
    -Bucs: They made some great moves in FA and in draft so if the cards fall their way, they could surprise some people next year. So many good teams in this division now, I can't see them winning the division without some key injuries on other teams. But I do think they return to winning like in 2010.
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    High 5 for the epic post. Even if I don't agree with parts of it (I think Locker starts)
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    Thank you sir. I used to write posts like this on my old forum for my old hobbies. I once wrote an encyclopedia of info for my hobby which was 168 single spaced printed word pages. Took months.

    As for thsi post, Locker might start, but I just see the team giving Hasselback the start until we lose games, which I see happening early. So thats why Locker takes over. Much like in '09 when Collins started the year because of his '08 season, but lost the job when we went 0-6. But you could be right, not like I will hate it if Locker starts.