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  1. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach – Holmgren or Harbaugh
    O/C - ? Let the H/C decide
    D/C - ? Let the H/C decide (anyone but Cecil)
    Keep Munchak, Washburn, and Heimerdinger (QB Coach/Assistant OC)

    F. Velasco (3-4yr - $)
    C. Stevens (4yr - $)
    B. Kern (3yr - $)
    S. Tulloch (5yr - $$$)
    A. Hall (4yr - $$)
    T. Shaw (2yr - $)
    R. Moss (2-3yr - $$)
    D. Thornton (2yr - $)
    J. Babin (4yr - $$)
    J. Ford (3yr - $)
    $-small money $$-average money $$$-big money $$$$-huge money

    Do not re-sign:
    P. Bailey
    W. Hayes
    L. Hawkins
    B. Scaife
    L. Harris
    K. Collins
    M. Douglas
    C. Simms
    D. Nickey
    D. Ball
    M. Otto

    Free-agent pickups:
    Albert Haynesworth (4yr - $$) <- I think he’ll get released
    Akeem Jordan (3yr - $)
    Joey Haynos (4yr - $)

    J. Gage
    R. Mouton
    J. Winborn
    N. Schommer

    NFL Draft:
    1st round – Prince Amukamara (CB – Nebraska : 6’1 205)
    2nd round – Stefen Wisniewski (C/G – Penn State : 6’3 300)
    3rd round – Christian Ponder (QB – Fla St : 6’3 225)
    4th round – Pernell McPhee (DE – Mississippi State : 6’4 285) (BULL RUSHER)
    5th round – Evan Royster (RB – Penn State : 6’0 228) or Roy Helu (RB – Nebraska : 6’0 225) (POWER RB)
    5th round* - Quentin Davie (OLB – Northwestern : 6’4 230)
    6th Round – Lee Ziemba (OT- Auburn : 6’6 320)
    7th Round – Brandon Blair (DE – Oregon : 6’6 270)

    Depth Chart:
    QB - Young | Ponder | Smith
    RB – Johnson | Royster/Helu | Ringer
    FB – Hall
    WR – Britt | Moss | Washington | Williams | Mariani
    TE – Stevens | Cook | Haynos
    LT – Roos | Kropog | Ziemba
    LG – Amano | Velasco
    C – Wisniewski | Velasco
    RG – Scott | Velasco
    RT – Stewart | Kropog | Ziemba

    DE – Babin | McPhee
    DT – Haynesworth | Brown | Marks
    DT – Jones | Brown | Haye
    DE – Morgan | Ford
    OLB – McRath | Thornton | Curran
    MLB – Tulloch | Thornton | Shaw
    OLB – Witherspoon | Jordan | Curran
    CB – Finnegan | Amukamara | Verner | McCourty
    SS – Hope | Rolle
    FS – Griffin | Fuller | Johnson

    K – Bironas
    P – Kern
    PR/KR – Mariani | Williams

    That's my dream/realistic off-season. We would beef up our DL by adding Haynesworth. Derrick Morgan would be back to pair with Babin. Ford and 4th rounder coming off the bench in the rotation. Our LBs have alot of depth and vets. Prince Amukamara is amazing and will probably become a elite corner. Hope gets one more year (one a year left on his contract), however Rolle gets some playing time. VY gets one more shot, but young guns Rusty and Ponder will be fighting for a starting spot. Draft a power RB in the 5th round to handle the goalline carries. VY will have a new head coach to see if he can unleash his full potential.
  2. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    ...Can't come soon enough.
  3. MJTitans

    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up Tip Jar Donor

    ^^ I like the thought you put in that.

    Some good ideas there. I don't like the 1st rd CB - I don't think Hope returns next year, and we need to get a S somewhere.... draft or FA.

    I like moving Amano back to G and finding a new C. I'm not ready to drop Harris yet - he played well last year, and not so well this year. I'd like to give him another shot with a different lineup.

    I agree Gage is done, Williams moves up the chart. Mariani has earned a place in the rotation, too.

    Haynos could be an interesting pickup. Maybe I just can't get over our last Maryland TE.

    McGrath/Witherspoon make me nervous - I think we need to explore LB options. Maybe Thornton has enough left, but we need a LB that can cover a TE.
  4. VA_Titans

    VA_Titans Camp Fodder

    After this game, it proves it even more we need to beef this defense up. I've we could get a good QB we'd be fine we have good young WR
  5. erut07

    erut07 Camp Fodder

    Good ideas, but the problem is, and this is why this will never happen, is that you are basically stripping the team of several contributors, rebuilding the entire offense (coach and QB gone, that's pretty much what you are saying) and then throwing all your chips into a big gamble on a great draft class that is entirely unrealistic. How many teams find 4 studs in the same draft? It just doesn't happen that often.

    This is everyone's problem right now. We are all thinking short-term and being driven by emaotions. It's understandable to want Fisher and Vince gone after this, but that would be to the detriment of the team. One or the other may happen, but not both. You're plan you've laid out is a 4-5 year rebuild. That's how long it takes most rookie QBs to find their stride, if they ever turn out to be decent.

    Plus, having only KC to learn behind.... Not such a great mentor at this point I don't think.
  6. costarica2

    costarica2 Banned forever

    We should draft a qb with our second and give VY another shot with no Jeff fisher if he fails then we just put in whoever that 2nd round qb is.
  7. erut07

    erut07 Camp Fodder

    No way we should cut Kerry. He's not great at this point, and way over the hill, but he's a very serviceable back up. The key here is that he needs to KNOW that he is here to be the backup and nothing more.

    I like the ponder pick though. Have Ponder and Rusty battle for the 3 spot and let them develop and see what they can do. I think at worst, you get a guy who can replace Kerry in a year or two (since that's about all KC has left) and at best you find a guy who can even win the starting job over Young in a couple years.
  8. erut07

    erut07 Camp Fodder

    Team has way bigger needs than a QB to leverage as an ultimatum for VY....
  9. VA_Titans

    VA_Titans Camp Fodder

    I agree I believe we have to many other problem to deal with, so we might be forced in keeping Young. If that happens I bet you Fisher is hear again
  10. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Beav Champion Tip Jar Donor

    I think a very strong argument can be made for both sides.

    On the one hand, Vince looked like a top 10 QB at times this year. And it would be interesting to see how he would react to a HC who doesn't hate his guts. Maybe he steps his game up even more.

    On the other, he will be 28 years old and in his 6th season next year and he still hasn't managed to prove once and for all that he's the guy. If it's not his on the field play, it's injuries. If it's not injuries, it's immaturity issues. There's just always something left to be desired with him.

    As long as we fry the Fish I'll be fine with either route we go regarding QB. Though I'm leaning towards drafting one. This is a pretty good QB class and it's looking like we're gonna have a top 5 pick. It's not often you have a pick that high and an opportunity to take a potential franchise QB.
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