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  1. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    - Fire Fisher, go after Harbaugh or Holmgren
    - Get a new D/C!
    - Resign Tulloch, Thornton (very cheap), Babin, and Moss (for the right price)
    - Sign some and DEs/LBs for depth.
    - Get rid of Donnie Nickey and Bo Scaife.
    - Get Big Albert Haynesworth back.
    - Draft: Prince Amukamara in the 1st, C/G in the 2nd, QB in the 3rd. Prince is a legit corner and could be the next Nnamdi. We need a legit C/G to take over for Harris, Amano can stay at C or switch back to Guard. QB in the 3rd, like Ponder is he falls a little. This will allow the new coach to keep VY as a starter for a year, then start the rookie QB next year if VY doesn't resign. Or if VY stinks he can start him 1/2 way through the year.
    - Damian Williams starts over Justin Gage. Start Derrick Morgan.
    - Chris Hope will still start. Hes got one more year left. Lets get Robert Johnson and Myron Rolle some playing time though and see what they can do.
    - Pickup a power RB for goalline situations, doesn't matter if its through the draft or a FA.
  2. oldoilerfan

    oldoilerfan Camp Fodder

    I would like to see Jimmie Johnson come in to Nashville, trade CJ for 24 picks and start the rebuilding process.
  3. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Head Coach - Ron Rivera (SD Chargers DC)
    Offensive Coordinator - Gary Kubiack
    Defensive Coordinator - Greg Williams (SD Chargers LB coach)
    QB - Carsen Palmer/ Cristian Ponder
    HB - Chris Johnson/ Mike Tolbert
    FB - Ahmand Hall
    WR - Kenny Britt/ Nate Washington/ Damain Williams
    TE - Craig Stevens/ Jared Cook
    OT - Micheal Roos/ David Stewart
    OG - Logan Mankins/ 3 round draft pick
    C - Leroy Harris
    DE - Tony Brown/ Jason Jones
    DT - Paul Soliai (NT Maimi)
    OLB - Tambi Hali (sp? OLB of the KC Cheifs)/ Derrick Morgan
    ILB - Gerald McGrath/ Will Witherspoon
    CB - Courtland Finnegan/ Alterraun Verner/ Prince Amukamara
    FS - Micheal Griffin
    SS - Eric Weddle

    1 - Prince Amukamara
    2 - Christain Ponder
    3 - OG/ C
    4 - 7 LB/ Oline Depth
  4. ScotTitan

    ScotTitan Starter

    Pretty much agree with this X,
    An offence with CJ, VY, RM and KB will be a big attraction for Harbaugh.

    Would rather take Peterson of LSU than Prince IMO, seems like a real leader but will probably be gone assuming we are gonna pick 6-10.

    The draft doesnt look that strong for safeties so I'm all for giving Rolle and Johnson a go. If Finnigan can stop playing like my granmother then him and Verner with Mccourty for back up are fine for CB's. We shouldn't have to draft CB's every year should we?
    The biggest issues are our Linebackers in coverage I think, covering TE's on 3rd downs have been painful this year. Von Miller is amazing in pass rush but not to sure on his coverage will be a big stretch in the top ten though, likewise Bruce Carter from UNC. In rounds 2-3 we could grab Herzlich or Sheppard.

    The D-line. Bring AH back, he wants to be a titan and we need his size.
    Schindler, Jared Crick is a great pick for this team, might go late first round though.
    Getting Morgan back next year is like getting an extra first round pick, I would be reluctant to spend a top ten pick on the DL with Morgan coming back and possibly picking up AH on the cheap.

    Then comes the offensive. VY needs a year with an new coach, if it doesnt work then he's gone next offseason. Thanks Kerry, but bye, dude got paid big time by us this year. Bring in an experienced qb for a year to back up VY, keep rusty as well. Gonna be tough to pass on Locker, Newton and Mallett possibly though.

    Please dont draft any WR's. Sign Moss if the money is right. Moss, Britt, Washington, Williams, Gage, Hawk, Mariani, Cook. Thats a pretty impressive WR core. Dont waste draft picks.

    We need a RB to help CJ, ringer aint the one. Fisher really screwed up with Blount. Big power back at some point in the draft

    Re-sign Hall

    Offensive line- HELP! Again top 10 pick, I see no C or Giard there which we could take.

    So we may trade down or take the best LB available when we pick.

    We have a talented team but we need new coaches.
  5. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    Fairley is who I want. I think he would fit our d style. I think he could elevate the defense similar to how AH did.
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  6. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Exactly what I was thinking. I would LOVE Peterson, but I don't think he'll be available when it comes to us. I think the Lions will gobble Peterson up.


    Our LBs are sucking.. but I think that has to do with our coverage scheme AKA Cecil. Tulloch is a great tackler, horrible defender... somehow hes always 1 on 1 with a TE?!

    Agreed. DE would be amazing with a healthy Morgan. And Big Al actually trying.

    Agreed 104%.
  7. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    You're high. You think we're going to get a new headcoach, Kubiak (the hc to a div rival) to then be our OC? Sign Palmer, Hali, Soliai, Mankins, and Weddle? AND switch to a 3-4, that's just crazy talk. :irked:
  8. therealtrueblue

    therealtrueblue Camp Fodder

    some of yalls dreams are ridiculous... manning? vick? really?

    anyway here is my idea for the offseason

    1)i would get rid of the whole coaching staff except for washburn.

    2) get big al back

    3)if by some act of god we can get moss to re-sign i would package gage and hawk (2 expiring contracts) for a pick. but if moss does not re-sign just keep them for this year

    4) i talk to CJ and see what type of deal he wants and try to work something out. if he keeps up the talks of being the highest payed offensvie player than i would just trade him for a 1st round pick and draft a new RB

    5) so would re-sign scaife (decent 1 yr contract), hall (3-4yr contract, moss (1-2yr deal or possibly franchise tag) tag, harris (3-4yr contract), ford (3-4yr contract), ball (1-2yr deal possibly franchise tag), and tulloch (5-6 year deal this guy is a keeper). then let the rest of the players walk

    6) i would draft in this order

    1st pick:CB- corland has been getting tosted this year and his contract expires in 2012. i would look at this pick as

    2nd pick:QB: i dont think we need to replace VY. i think he can still be the face of this franchise. all of us have a breaking point and VY just got pushed to his. but on the other hand VY's worth ethic could have been much better so in my theory we have a open QB compitition with the new rookie, rusty, and VY and hopefully VY will work harder to save his job. if he fails then we see what the rookie and rusty can really do and help us plan for next offseason

    3rd pick:center: amano has struggled moving to the C spot but hopefully he can pick it up next year or change him back to G. so this pick can give us the flexibility to play with our players (moving velasco, amano, and harris around) and maybe a starter down the road

    4th pick:ILB: do we even have a backup for tulloch?

    5th pick:OLB: we are solid at this spot with witherspoon, mcgrath, and curran and this pick wont be used for much more than depth

    the rest: with the rest of my picks i would take some "gamble on greatness" picks. players that have a lot of potential

    sorry about grammer and how long it is
  9. TJFish

    TJFish The Arkansan

    There... I fixed your list for you.
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  10. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    We need to be scouting flag football players and everyday joe's on the street.

    If the real players are gonna be on strike, I want us to have the best superbowl winning scrub team ever!
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