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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by therealtrueblue, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    We really need some LB depth, another WR, a decent QB, and maybe another RB.
  2. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    After our entire draft, here's who I want to see us sign in FA:

    QB: Matt Hasselbeck and Kyle Boller. I think the Seahawks will land Kolb or Palmer in a trade, which means Hasselbeck will not be back. We could probably get one year out of Hasselbeck, but his knowledge for Locker is what I really want. He's been deep in plays (Super Bowl XL) and has had a great career. Not to mention he's played with Favre and Dilfer, so I'm sure he had plenty of tips. Boller is basically the same with Hasselbeck, he has a ton of exp and was a 1st round pick that wasn't amazing. He'll be able to give inside advice to Locker about the do's and don'ts, he's also been to playoffs. Boller and Hasselbeck are the veterans we need for locker.

    RB: None.

    WR: Mike Sims-Walker. MSW and CJ are best friends, I could see Sims wanting to play with CJ and coming to Tennessee. I would love to land one of the big named WR FAs: VJAX or Rice, but they'll want a ton of money. I also wouldn't mind James Jones or Steve Breaston, two underrated prospects. But in the end, I think we'll end up with MSW. He'll make a good #2 WR with Britt. He's a streaky player, but he can play better than Nate or Gage as the #2.

    TE: NONE

    OL: WE NEED A STARTING LG, BAD! I don't think we'll hit the homerun with Mankings or Nicks, but I could see us landing Daryn Colledge (Packers). He's an above average guard and this will allow LeRoy to walk, unless we re-sign him to play center (doubtful).

    DL: I think we should grab another DT, this will allow JJ to move to DE and we'll still have depth. My personal favorite is Tommie Harris of the Bears or Barry Coefield. Personally, I want Coefield, give him some decent money.

    CB: I think we'll be ok with Cortland, Verner, and McCourtey... Mouton is bad, but Fuller will see some playing time and we may re-sign Hood.

    S: We need to go after a safety.I don't think we'll go after a superstar, but I personally like Tom Zbikowski.

    Then we need to re-sign Sarge, Tulloch, Shaw, and Ford still.
  3. Sonic28

    Sonic28 Starter

    Love this! Only difference I have is maybe signing Eric Weddle to fill in for Hope.
  4. TNTitans58

    TNTitans58 Rookie


    We absolutely have to get a safety in FA....Hope is totally done and our backups aren't anything special or they would've played last year when Hope was giving up plays left and right

    I also hope we sign an interior OL because Harris, Scott, and Amano were all dreadful last year
  5. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    i cant seem to find it but there is an article about how nick johnson i believe is his name, was going to start in one of the games last year until hope started crying and making a big deal about it and fisher started hope and johnson never got the chance to play so if fisher wasnt here it was obvious that there was something in him that they liked....gray is a good defensive coach so i believe he will put the best out there that he can....

    and for our o-line...the problem is easily fixed if harris is put back at center like he should of been last year and amano is put at guard they switched them up last year and they were horrific and for some reason they never switched them back...i think we will be alright this year...
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    THE_TITAN Starter

    Nick Schommer was the guy they were going to start. Apparantly he is rather good and he blocked a chargers punt for a safety last season. Could be one to watch. I also remember him getting an interception in last years pre season.
  7. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Yeah, I think we should just cut Hope. Then allow Myron Rolle, Nick Schommer, Robert Johnson, Tommie Campbell, and a average FA all battle it out for the 2-3 SS spots. Then hopefully one of them steps up, if not the '12 safety class is looking solid.

    THE_TITAN Starter

    BTW guys, it looks like Janoris Jenkins might go in the supplemental draft, who do you think he could go to?
  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Bengals, Cowboys, or Raiders.
  10. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    He's a thug. No one should take him.
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